Paris Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week

05 Nov 2014

It was an engrossing week of fashion in the ‘City of Love’ as leading labels went all out to proclaim their verdict on the do’s and dont’s as well as prodded us to explore the why and the why not’s which limit or set us free…

Chanel’s fashion riot

Just when critics wondered how Karl Lagerfeld could ever possibly top last... Read More

Pure fur fashion

05 Nov 2014


Fur is never too much when you need to brave the chill. So leading fashion brands go all out to present their most sumptuous and luxurious designs this autumn-winter season just for you

Fur may be a controversial topic among both animal lovers and environmentalists, but there’s no denying the fact that in the world’s coldest climates where sub-zero temperatures... Read More

Fall favourites for men

04 Nov 2014

It’s the majority and not the minority that we always talk about. So here we go. What dominates men’s fashion for Fall 2014 are designs imbued by a muted colour palette with plenty of options to brave the chill outdoors (or indoors too at times)

First in the list are puffy jackets and quilted coats. They are best paired with slim fit pants or jeans (or if you can get away with it,... Read More

Oscar de la Renta bids adieu

04 Nov 2014

Уходит эпоха великих дизайнеров XX века – в США на 83-м году жизни скончался культовый кутюрье Оскар де ла Рента, подаривший женщинам великолепные платья и утонченные силуэты. В 2006 году медики обнаружили у кутюрье рак. Несмотря на страшный диагноз, дизайнер продолжал вести активный образ жизни. В 2013-м было сообщено об успешном окончании лечения и выздоровлении дизайнера, однако... Read More

Unapologetically feminine

04 Nov 2014

Немыслимый крой, смелые формы, модное сумасшествие… Одним словом – haute couture. В отличие от Нью-Йорка, Лондона, Милана, где представляют коллекции готовой одежды «прет-а-порте», Париж остается цитаделью высокой моды. Это мир эксклюзивных нарядов, которые продаются всего по нескольку в год: сотни часов ручной работы над каждым платьем, лучшие ткани со всего мира, тонны кристаллов Swarovski... Read More

Green is the new Goddess

03 Nov 2014

They’ve been shouting about it from the rooftops all season that ‘Green is the new Black’ and if you’ve not heard it, it’s simply too bad (time to get those ears examined we would advice).

But even if some of you have not heard it, we only hope that you (and the rest of us included) have been actively practicing ‘Going green’. Leading designers however, have taken up the cause in... Read More

Yelling out YELLOW

03 Nov 2014

We can vouch for it. There’s a touch of ‘yellow fever’ in town this season (in the fashion world that is). It was first seen in Spring 2014 when colour specialists Pantone declared ‘Freesia’ as the shade to vouch for. And as it’s such an unabashedly sunshiny-happy hue, you are guaranteed instant attention just wherever you go. (But it’s up to you how much you can handle).

And you... Read More

Dior’s modern classics

03 Nov 2014

Raf Simmon’s Fall/Winter haute couture collection for Dior draws inspiration from 18th century French court moves to Edwardian tailoring and comes right up to the present times, journeying across several time periods.

You sense the mood. Now for the designs…

The ball gowns feature pannier-skirted gowns that are three-quarter rather than full-length. Matched by narrow, sporty bodice tops... Read More

Valentino’s Roman romance

03 Nov 2014

Stately, structured and feminine are terms that aptly describe Valentino’s haute couture plans for us this fall-winter 2014-15 unfurling a charming ‘Return to Rome’ theme

The renowned brand’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli drew grand inspiration from ancient Greece, bringing to mind ethereal Athenian nymphs adorned in Grecian gowns, crafted from homespun fabric,... Read More

Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014-15 collection

10 Oct 2014


Giorgio Armani has his own customs in Paris. He showcases his Haute Couture at the Palais de Tokyo, a collection that is opened with a range of small pea jackets and shorts in patterned fabrics with a quilted effect. These are then followed by short jackets with three-quarter length sleeves and crape woolen trousers, which demonstrate a simplicity and grand... Read More