Purificacion Garcia announces support of regional Charities across KSA and Qatar in light of Health Crisis

By Olga_Gafurova Wednesday, 10 June 2020 5:01 PM

Purificacion Garcia announces support of regional Charities across KSA and Qatar in light of Health Crisis

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Purificacion Garcia has announced that it will partner with regional charitable organizations across KSA and Qatar for the remainder of 2020, in an effort to support local causes. Between now and December 31st 2020, the brand will be donating a percentage of all accessories sales to its partner.

In KSA, PG has partnered with Zmzm Association for Health Services , which strives to provide assistance to those who are in desperate need of medical supplies, particularly for those affected by the Covid-19 crisis. In addition to having the supplies directly delivered to patients, the association provides donations to patients for medical treatments and surgeries. Meanwhile in Qatar, the brand will be partnering with Qatar Red Crescent society, which implements programs focused social development, awareness and education, medical services, and advocacy community issues.

The decision to focus on accessories takes into consideration the value and special attention to detail given to these products by the Spanish brand. Many of the designs are over twenty years old, born with a vocation to endure. The value and design of Purificacion Garcia’s leather and silk is timeless, offering pieces that remain unique for years.

The Homenaje bag, being one of PG’s most renowned designs, has been in the brand’s collections from the start. And more recently, the Origami has been with the brand for the past seven years. They are timeless pieces that go beyond the ephemeral that prevails in fashion.

The team working at Purificacion Garcia are committed to carrying out this project with enthusiasm, striving to make this a magnificent reality. "In this moment, it’s important to support each other as a community in an effort to improve the lives of all of those affected by the current situation. We all have a responsibility to take advantage of this time to bring people closer together,” said Purifcacion Garcia herself.

In these moments of uncertainty, the brand intends to help people affected by this crisis, and above all, transmit emotion and optimism in an effort to inspire the wider community to take action. The initiative is an effort that the brand will continuously maintain for the remainder of 2020, hoping that the new year begins with health and well-being for all.