Salvatore Ferregamo launches a limited edition of women’s accessories for Dubai

By Olga_Gafurova Thursday, 21 May 2020 10:01 AM

Salvatore Ferregamo launches a limited edition of women’s accessories for Dubai

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The festivities are around the corner and it is time to celebrate Eid. On this occasion, Salvatore Ferragamo has launched a limited edition of Women’s Accessories for Dubai.The collection features three products from the brand’siconic styles, with a customized twist that abides with the Middle Eastern consumer. Chic and sophisticated, the black satin mule shoes arecovered with strass in Jet Hematite finishing for an interpretation of the Evening.

Paul Andrew explained: “The Refracted follows the Flower heel, which was itself based on the revolutionary 1939 Column heel designed by Salvatore Ferragamo. The heel is designed to showcase the beauty of irregularity and variousness by allowing for the play of light and surface in apparently random manner.

Every time you look at a Refracted heel it will appear different. This is not its flaw, but its power.”Bold in color and design, the laminated gold calfskin shoe is sure to steal the spotlight with its metallic finish. The laminated calf Mekong color mule shoesis the perfect combination of classy and comfortable with its 9 cm heel and its capturing gold laminated color. A geometrical block heel created in a combination of black, gold, and silver, adds a sculptural element to the aesthetic which perfectly reflects the subtle opulence of the region. Finally, the minibag declinate the iconic Vara Bow with a twist. Faithful to the codes of the Ferragamo Woman, who dresses from the toes up, they bag matches the shoes perfect to create an elegant and feminine look. The Palome Lame gold is a fashion item that can be worn from day to night making it the ultimate accessory. Salvatore Ferragamo limited edition of Accessories is now available exclusively at Salvatore Ferragamo storein Dubai Mall.