Authentic Boghossian Masterpieces

By Olga_Gafurova Thursday, 25 April 2019 7:29 PM

Authentic Boghossian Masterpieces

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It is certified that the items illustrated and described below are the authentic Boghossian items.

'Kissing' Green Beryl and Green Tourmaline Detachable Necklace and Earrings SETM 00030

18 Karat yellow gold


Necklace - Detachable

One pear-shaped green beryl 128.65 carats

One briolette drop green tourmaline 23.84 carats

Five oval-shaped mint tourmalines 49.01 carats

Seventy-seven mix-shaped green tourmaline 83.12 carats

Small brilliant diamonds 21.41 carats, F color VS clarity


Two briolette drop green beryl 47.48 carats

Two pear-shaped green tourmaline 7.16 carats

Small brilliant diamonds 3.20 carats, F color VS clarity


Chameleon Heart Shaped and Diamonds "KISSING" Necklace

NCKD 20081

18 Karat white gold



One fancy dark gray-yellowish green "chameleon" diamond 13.60 carats,

GIA# 12480363

One fancy light yellow diamond briolette 8.04 carats, VS2 clarity, GTL

One triangular-shaped diamond 5.48 carats, H color I1 clarity, GUB# 0906113

One triangular-shaped diamond 4.98 carats, K color SI2 clarity, GUB# 0906117

One triangular-shaped diamond 4.83 carats, K color SI2 clarity, GUB# 0906118

Three tulip-shaped diamonds 1.64 carats

White jade 4.93 carats


Diamond beads 85.02 carats


'Kissing' Octagonal Shaped Diamond and Fancy Brown-Yellow

Diamond Diamond Necklace

NCKD 00326

18 Karat yellow gold


One octagonal-shaped diamond 1.07 carats, D color IF clarity, GIA# 2307021331

One fancy brown-yellow cushion-shaped portrait diamond 6.39 carats, VS2 clarity, GIA#


One fancy brown-yellow pear-shaped diamond 4.13 carats, IF clarity, GIA# 7218976120


'Kissing' Cushion Shaped Diamond and Rubelite Pendant Necklace

NCKD 00344

18 Karat rose gold


One cushion-shaped diamond 4.02 carats, H color SI2 clarity, GIA# 1287758414

One oval-shaped rubelite 18.45 carats