Bulgari Sisterhood Themed Party Celebrates Light and Shadow

By Huiming_Shi Monday, 04 September 2017 11:51 AM

Bulgari Sisterhood Themed Party Celebrates Light and Shadow

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Sisterhood is like having a twin sister you never had, and being friends with your reflection in the mirror. It is amazing how through the sharing of lives, two similar individuals who are there for one another can grow and discover themselves in each another. Italian luxury jewelry brand Bulgari held a Bulgari Sisterhood themed party at the Beijing Minsheng Contemporary Art Museum, where its new accessories ambassador Bella Hadid joined the Asian fashion queen Jolin Tsai, as well as young actors Dilraba Dilmurat, Nikki Li, Li Qin, Tina Tang, Lareina Song, Koala Chen, Maggie Huang, Daisy, Alan Yu, Zhehan Zhang, Liang Jingkang, Richards Wang, and a host of other celebrities and media guests to attend the event.


For its Sisterhood theme, only the colors black and white were used at the party, with the bold and extreme color difference creating a sisterhood-space separate from the reality outside. The two colors were chosen as the color black invokes a sense of maturity, while white is synonymous with purity, with the duality representing mankind. Having the two opposites side-by-side illustrated the need for attendees to blend in, yet stand out from each other. The black décor added solemnity to the museum, which through the careful placement of light and shadows, along with black and white still images shown on screens around the hall, created the illusion of mystery and change. The use of the two most basic of colors defied and transcended traditional design sensibilities of space, reflecting Bulgari’s philosophy of constantly pushing the envelope.


One highlight of the night was when Bulgari accessories ambassador Bella Hadid and Asian fashion queen Jolin Tsai shared the stage while trying the new collection of handbags. In addition to their cross-cultural friendship, famous besties, Dilraba and Nikki Lee, Li Qin and Tina Tang, Lareina Song and Koala Chen, Maggie Huang and Daisy, were also on-hand in a show of sisterhood. As frontrunners of the millennial generation, the young starlets have gained the hard-earned recognition of the fashion industry through their work ethic and effort, and like all young women their age, they enjoy shopping together, and sharing the latest style secrets they have learned. This act of being with likeminded friends is the essence of the new limited edition Bulgari Sisterhood series, and the Sisterhood series is the brand’s homage to Oriental women’s elegance and beauty, as well as their desire to share their knowledge with friends.


"That is precisely the essence of sisterhood; the sharing of youth, growing up together, through good times and bad. Sisterhood is not limited by location, or even age, and now, even gender. All of us can benefit from a bond like this, whether it is because of similar backgrounds, or both providing mutual support to each other. Sisterhood allows us to discover ourselves, and to even become better versions of ourselves. We launched the limited Sisterhood handbag series this year for such a group of women, in the hopes they meet sisters, and have the opportunity to grow together.” Mireia Lopez Montoya, Managing Director of Bulgari Accessory Unit, said.


"Jolin and I met through our shared love of Bulgari, and we hit it off at our first meeting in Milan. I am a fan of her fashion sense, and we often trade fashion tips whenever we meet. She is an extremely hardworking artist, and this has, to some extent, inspired me to be a better artist. I guess this is the what sisterhood is, we appreciate each other, encourage each other, and work together to become better people," Bella Hadid said.

The new Bulgari Serpenti Forever and Divas' Dream, from its 2017 Greater China limited edition Sisterhood collection, were specially designed for oriental women. With their bold and minimalist design of only using black and white, the colors show how sisters always go well together, just as black on white. From the design all the way down to the materials, they are a perfect match to Chinese women’s grace and beauty. With a production of only108 pieces, the bags highlight the rarity and preciousness of sisterhood.


The Serpenti series is Bulgari’s eternal icon. Dating back to ancient Greek and ancient Roman mythology, the serpent has withstood the tests of time, and represents wisdom, vitality, and seduction. The Serpenti series is hypnotic and elegant, and this season’s Serpenti Forever Flap Cover Bag is stunning in white, with the color evoking a strong feeling of opulence. As with all Bulgari bags, it is exquisitely crafted, delicate and feminine at the same time. It sports black and white matte enamel with silver lines atop a beautiful snakehead, with golden intertwined snake scale shoulder straps.



As Bulgari’s classic series, the Divas' Dream’s iconic classic fan-shaped design is simple and chic, with a lucky light shimmer. The signature shape is a form of ancient beauty, reinterpreting the arched patterns that decorate the famed Roman Baths in Caracalla, built in 216 AD. Being a world-class Italian jeweler, Bulgari has always embodied the Roman finesse, and its sensual signature almost recalls the curved silhouette of the Italian femininity. The latest Diva’s Dream reimagines its classic design in matte black, with black calfskin engraving, and artistic ridges adding a distinct tactile feeling. The addition of gold rivets adds a touch of playfulness.