Burj Khalifa’s new viewing deck is the highest in the world

By admin Wednesday, 15 October 2014 8:00 PM

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The Burj Khalifa has reclaimed the record for the world’s highest observation deck with the unveiling of a viewing level on the 148th floor.

At a staggering 555.7 metres, it breaks the previous record held by Canton Tower, in Guangzhou, China, at 488 metres.

The new At the Top, Burj Khalifa Sky venue adds to the existing viewing platform on the 124th floor.

“At the Top is today one of the world’s most compelling tourist attractions,” said Ahmad Al Falasi, executive director of property management at Emaar Properties, at a launch event on Tuesday.

“With the introduction of Sky, we are scaling up the entire journey to Burj Khalifa by offering a truly premium experience that will be a lifetime’s memory for every visitor.

“We are doubly delighted to clinch the Guinness World Records title that adds to the glory of Burj Khalifa and enhances our reputation.”

The new attraction will be opened to the public on Wednesday.

A third viewing deck on the 125th floor was also announced, allowing people who choose to go to the 148th floor to have a second stop overlooking the public viewing deck on the 124th floor on the return journey.

People who buy tickets to the new the 148th floor can relax in an exclusive lounge as they wait for the lift.

The ride up features a projected video inside that marks the heights of various world-famous buildings as it surpasses them on the journey up.

The 148th floor features a larger luxury lounge with big panel windows.

There is also an outdoor viewing deck and an interactive large screen that takes viewers on a computer-generated trip down the Burj and around Dubai.

On the downward journey, a video plays inside the elevators that pays tribute to Dubai.

As visitors exit at ground floor they learn more about the construction of the world’s tallest building, with models of the tower and information about the process.