Cartier's Treasures

By egor Thursday, 31 March 2016 11:09 AM

Cartier's Treasures

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Fashioned in Cartier's famous tutti fruity style, its platinum Etourdissant Été Indien bracelet features a pale glowing opal from Ethiopia surrounded by leaf motifs engraved on garnets, tsavorites, coloured sapphires and diamonds.  

Cartier's amazing Etourdissant Garance drop earrings are set with two cushion-shaped rubies from Mozambique and 22 round and oval-shaped rubies from Burma on platinum settings.  

A tour de force of design excellence, Cartier's Étourdissant necklace boasts 35 exceptional carats of diamonds in a constellation of motifs and cuts capturing the sparkle of the stars. 

A once-seen-and-remembered-forever piece, Cartier's Etourdissant Romanov bracelet flaunts a magnificent 197.80 carat cushion-shaped rose-cut sapphire from Ceylon, two D IF modified shield step-cut diamonds, triangular-shaped diamonds, carved rock crystal and round brilliant diamonds.

Gaze at Cartier's white gold Etourdissant Teinte ring to go on a time travel to another lifetime!  In it, one 30.69-carat round-shaped cabochoncut coral plays protagonist surrounded by a serpentine row of diamonds and bands of coral, onyx and chrysoprase.