Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015

By admin Thursday, 02 July 2015 4:52 PM

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"I have always been projected into the future, rather that into the past. But also the past can be interesting if revisited in the right way." These few words uttered right before the show are the key to understand one of the most beautiful haute couture collection seen so far. Raf Simons, Dior’s creative director, after the success obtained a few days ago with his menswear collection, keep winning over clients and fashion editors with a haute couture collection that will go down in history as the contemporary answer to many stale and outdated offering. The Belgian designer, like the true genius that he is, resumes the path he has started a few seasons ago and blends in a single collection 50s romanticism, 60s experimentation and the sense of freedom and revolutionary mood typical of the 70s. The result is outstanding: a mix of decades, of cultures, of colors, of materials and silhouettes that celebrate the encounter of tradition and experimentation. Resulting in a disarmingly modern, new haute couture.