Cool Blue moments

By admin Wednesday, 08 October 2014 8:00 PM

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Dive into blue to come away refreshed! Said to be one of the most popular colours across the world and a cool colour at that, blue has an appeal that cuts across barriers. What’s more, leading designs have a tempting line-up of creations to blow your blues away!

Blue was also a latecomer used in art and decoration as it was difficult to produce. It was also not used for dyeing fabric until long after red, orchre, pink and purple and came mainly from plants, woad in Europe, indigo from India and Africa and from minerals like lapis lazuli found in Afghanistan and Egypt.

But no problem, for we seem to have made up for all those ‘blue-less’ years and this season in particular have such a surfeit of designs to choose that we’re sure to go squint with desire.

Versace tops the scale with a double-breasted, (boyfriend coat?) featuring six glittering gold buttons. Match it over a bright yellow polo and you’re set to go. Just wherever you please.

And blue being what it is (besides a colour of course) you can pile on more blue pieces as arm candy and even knee-length boots in suede and no one will bat an eye-lid because they’re sure to be so dazzled by your presence.

Monolo Blahnik proves his worth with eye-catching stilettos in blue suede combining black, with decorative stitches at the side while Saint Laurent presents a neat, squarish bag in pleasing sky blue with extra straps in just the right places.

All this apart from the numerous blue wonders waiting to be discovered in a swanky shopping mall near you…