Creative environment: public art

By admin Sunday, 12 March 2017 8:46 AM

Creative environment: public art

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Art in public spaces, if it’s good, can add a new layer of emotion to a city, something outside the practical business of day-to-day living.

An innovative public arts initiative, the Dubai Outdoor Art Project, launched by Dubai Culture in 2010, today serves as a definitive platform for the city's talented artists to showcase their works to the community. Taking the arts experience from the confines of galleries to the people, the Outdoor Art Project celebrates the richness of the Emirati cultural identity and the cultural diversity and also showcases the creative potential of Dubai's emerging talents. 

Presenting interesting artistic perspectives on Dubai, the Outdoor Art Project features projects in diverse mediums including painting, digital art, installation, stencil art and mixed media on large-size displays. The creative inspirations are as varied as Dubai's cultural fabric- from the evolving skyline in mixed media to abstract renditions inspired by the UAE's heritage, and photo-art montage depicting the unique cultural identity of Dubai. 
The artworks covers traditional and futuristic styles – from water colours to photography, scanography, painting, drawing, print-making and typography, among others. 
A unique initiative in the region, the Outdoor Art Project also brings together Emirati and Dubai-based artists to express their outlook on national identity, cultural language and vision for the future. 
Strengthening the concept of urban art in Dubai, the Outdoor Art Project is led by partnerships with various Dubai-based entities, with the selected works being displayed in prominent outdoor locations. 
The Outdoor Art Project is a strong complement to Dubai Culture's goal of fostering dialogue among all cultural stakeholders – the artists, art patrons and the audience, while promoting Dubai-based and Emirati artists to a larger audience.​