Dubai: A Dream Destination to Visit and Live

By admin Wednesday, 14 January 2015 2:00 PM

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For the past several years, Dubai continues to steal the spotlight of the world media with articles praising the growth and progress of the city. This is in sharp contrast to its recession years when it was criticized for its ambitious ventures. However, the emirate’s economy and status have both proved their resilience, and the top tourist city has emerged stronger from the crisis. It is in fact witnessing a return of its former expats who had moved overseas to settle in other nations such as Canada and in Europe too. Aviamost elaborates on why Dubai is so attractive and is in fact also one of the best places to live

Reflecting on the past two decades in Dubai, and talking with friends and associates who have decided to return to their former home, the reasons that encourage them to move to wealthier countries, and then again return to Dubai, Aviamost shares with readers reasons why Dubai is so attractive and is one of the best places to live.

It is possible to try to express all the reasons in one long sentence: "If you seek to find one place in the world combining factors such as the ability to do business, offers safety for one’s family, to feel free, regardless of ethnic origin or religion, to be actively involved in social life, to be able to do the activity in which you are considered an expert, and at the same time earn a good salary and be valued by management, have easy access to the East and the West, the opportunity to enjoy a life of luxury and impeccable service and also get to meet people of diverse ethnicity from all over the world - then you need to live in Dubai ".

Dubai is a good place for those who like to work in a multicultural environment, providing numerous opportunities. And this applies not only to business and career, but also accommodation. People migrate to the city in search of good jobs, decent and safe living. One of the positive aspects of life in Dubai is the possibility of rapid career growth and investment opportunities for those who come here with a clear idea of what they want to do. And now a let’s take a closer look at those reasons why hundreds of thousands of people choose to make their place of residence in Dubai.

Dubai Lifestyle

If you were to compare the minimum standards of life or lifestyle of this city, you will find that they are constantly improving. Their growth rate is higher than in other rapidly progressing economies of the world. There are options for a varied lifestyle. Here you are offered a world-class infrastructure and quality products. In Dubai, you can live as you wish. For example, you can afford a luxurious lifestyle in one of the posh areas of the city or opt for a more economical one while you put aside some savings for that dream enterprise you had in mind.

The Weather
Europeans like Dubai. The reason is that for upto six months of the year you can enjoy temperatures ranging from 19 - 30 degrees Celsius with perfect weather with plenty of sunshine. The remaining six months you can brave the heat with the aid of a well-designed and most   advanced indoor air-conditioning system and air-conditioned vehicles such as cars, buses, Metro network and tram.   

A stable economy and business environment
Dubai's economy is one of the most stable ones in the world. In spite of all that the doubters say about the mistakes made during the fantastically rapid growth of Dubai a couple of years ago during its pre-recession years, it is the ideal city in the Middle East region. Let's face it: Dubai has the necessary infrastructure to serve as a bridge between East and West, to be the starting point for the development of regional and international business.

Huge first-class airport and airline Emirates

Dubai offer a privileged position and ideal (and transit) points for travel anywhere in the world. Numerous free economic zones have been created to meet the needs of multinational companies, provide ideal conditions for the development of regional offices and logistics centers. Free zones Jebel Ali, Internet City, Media City, Knowledge Village, Healthcare City, Dubai International Financial Centre and others provide support for numerous business segments and allow one to develop new business models.

Also, it is important to point out that Dubai historically does not mix business with politics. You do not need to worry that the business may be closed or restricted due to political differences with any country. You can devote your attention and concentrate on your business and develop it to its highest potential. 

Dubai city ─ implemented features

Dubai has learned the right lessons from the period of the global economic downturn and implemented changes and measures to prevent such an occurrence in the future, so it continues to be a highly successful international center for business in several sectors. This is what makes it so attractive for investors, which means that there are many opportunities to find well-paying jobs for those who want to enjoy life in a truly unique duty-free environment.

The absence of taxation
The emirate offers each of its residents, both local and expats, to feel the charm of life without paying taxes. If you are running any organization or engage in your own business in this city, you will not be asked to pay taxes on your income. In addition, the emirate's government offers a variety of advantages and benefits to investors who are developing their business in the free economic zone. In Dubai, there are no taxes on capital gains or other tax fees.

Excellent location
Dubai is easily accessible from different countries. It has one of the busiest airports in the world, hence offers flights to almost all continents. For many of us who are not blessed with the presence of the passport of the leading countries of the world, living in Dubai promotes greater mobility. If, for example, you are submitting a request for an entry visa to the European Union, the USA, Canada and so on, only in very rare cases, it will be rejected. Apparently, the Consular Sections believe that if you live in Dubai and you have a good job then there is no compelling reason for you to escape!

Dubai can be called as one of the safest places on earth. Of course, there are reports of occasional cases of crimes, but if you're familiar with other cosmopolitan cities, you will notice the difference. In Dubai, you can safely walk at night in most parts of the city without the fear of being attacked. You can leave your machines unattended in most institutions, open the door to your apartment without the fear of being attacked, leave the laptop on a table in a cafe ─ and rest assured that they will remain untouched until you return. This is largely due to the fact that the UAE has a strict policy of deportation of criminals. And also the fact that most of the residents are professionals who do not want to put their well-being in jeopardy by committing any offense.

Freedom of religion
Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or the follower of any other world religion, in Dubai you are sure to feel at home. The city has a number of churches, temples and houses of worship of different faiths. All religious festivals whether it is Islamic, Christian, Hindu etc is widely and enthusiastically celebrated.

In Dubai, you can be conservative or liberal. You can dress conservatively or in a modern fashion and you can relax on the beach in a bikini. For those who drink alcoholic beverages, alcohol is available in hotels, clubs and bars. If you are not a Muslim, you can purchase a license for the purchase of alcoholic beverages in specialized stores in Dubai. You will not be disturbed unless you show disrespect to public order, local laws or the traditional values of the country.

In a world that is turning increasingly global, Dubai plays a leading role as the "melting pot" of different cultures and is the only place in the Middle East which practices the idea of multiculturalism.

Here it is often customary to sit at a table with ten friends, representing ten different cultures. This unique experience helps to broaden one’s outlook and allows people to assess not only the information gathered from the Internet or newspapers. Dubai gives you the unique opportunity to  meet and interact with people from different countries, diverse religions and social backgrounds, who have unique view point of life and its meaning, which helps one to see beyond ordinary stereotypes. You become more adaptable to change, more flexible in communicating with friends, learn what is important for these people, what values they hold as priority. Everyone is free to communicate with representatives of different countries and cultures. This is perhaps one of the most humanistic aspects of life in Dubai.

A corporate job in Dubai is much more multicultural than in other countries. It is a truly global experience as you discover that there are more factors that unite us than divide us for ultimately each of us basically aspire for the same things. This is a big plus for those who want to learn more about the world. That is, if you have lived a fairly long time in Dubai, you learn much more about the world. If you are a friendly, open individual, you will most probably have a lot of friends from different multicultural backgrounds, because all of you share the experience of living and working in this exciting but challenging environment.

in Dubai, there is a huge choice of schools and educational institutions offering a variety of programs for students. You can find information about the curricula, teaching methods and the cost of training on the website of the specific school. If you have a family, children can choose their place of residence near the school in order to relieve traffic congestion. Or they can take advantage of school buses.

Immigrants from English-speaking countries have a large selection of schools, because almost all schools follow the British and American curriculum. Other schools offer programs in accordance with the country's education system deployment, including India, Pakistan, Germany, France and Russia. In addition, training in Dubai educational institutions gives children the opportunity to closely interact and make friends with peers from different countries and different religions, broadening their outlook and mind. In today’s world, we cannot underestimate the importance of this key aspect in a child’s development.

In Dubai everything is arranged so as to reflect a life of luxury. Hotels and shopping malls, streets and parks, public transport and cars ─ all are new and carefully made. You can drive an SUV, which in Europe is only a dream. Here one can see several residents owning and driving a Porsche, which in other countries is a rarity. Even the subway stations reflect the radiance of "practical luxury."

Shopping centers
The emirate is famous worldwide for its swanky, luxurious shopping centers. Dubai is a shopping paradise for everyone, including expats, tourists and guests who visit the city for short periods of time. Regardless of the size of their budget, shoppers will find the best opportunities for shopping in the numerous shopping centers and traditional markets. Here you can buy almost everything ─ clothes, shoes, household items, gold and spices at a much affordable price than in any other country. The Dubai Duty Free outlet at the Dubai International Airport is world famous for its huge assortment, price range and shopping ambience.

Restaurants and Cafes
Dubai is a foodie’s dream destination offering an amazing range of fine dining outlets and restaurants, from Michelin star rated ones to popular street cafes designed to please the most discerning gourmet or food lover. Numerous restaurants and cafes in Dubai reflect the diversity of cultures and nationalities living in the city. Most popular venues are located at the hotel, and as a rule, the sale of alcohol is permitted only there.

At the same time Dubai also has many independent restaurants and cafes. Prices are generally higher in establishments that specialize in a particular national cuisine. A number of famous chefs too have opened their restaurants in Dubai. It is always advised to book in advance if one wishes to visit such exclusive outlets. And finally, for a change, you can also enjoy a traditional dhow cruise and enjoy a scrumptious dinner on board as it plies the waters of Dubai Creek.

Service and maintenance
After staying for a while in Dubai you cannot help but admit that this city offers world-class services. All of your accounts and transactions can be carried out via the Internet. If you pay for an apartment in a modern building, you get an additional swimming pool, sauna, gym and round the clock security, impeccable service, parking and much more. Gas stations also feature well stocked, smart grocery outlets that compare favourably with those in Europe. Office buildings are fully equipped and almost all have their own delivery service. In short, the people of Dubai are spoiled for service. Where else can you call up late at night to a non-stop, 24/7 supermarket, order a bottle of water or a box of matches and within five minutes expect to get your order?

Of course, life in Dubai is not always smooth sailing but does have its roller coaster moments at times. But these so-called ‘minuses’ pale in comparison to the huge advantages of living in a dynamic, international city that is highly ambitious, continually aspires to uplift its status, cares for its populace and whose energy is uplifting for one’s spirit. Truly, Dubai is both a must-visit tourist city and a great place to also live and realise one’s most cherished dreams.