Feathered favourites

By admin Monday, 09 March 2015 4:22 PM

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The season’s runways simply fluttered with feathered touches that promised to take us off to other realms on their wings!

And you could spot them just everywhere such as on an engrossing tote by Alice & Olivia featuring a bunch of butterflies fluttering down gently over a town, an eye-catching exotic Braccialini bag highlighted by tropical touches featuring bright pink flamingo portraits (did you know their pink colour is attributed to the large shrimp intake?), Philip Plein unfurls a scarlet red number highlighted by a rare pelican and macaw pair conversing amongst hibiscus! Just how cute is that? Sarah’s Bag at Sauce appears to have artistically ‘folded’ an entire macaw into a purse.

Charlotte Olympia has a very creative pair of sandals with artistic cut-outs of falcons, while Sophia Webster at Harvey Nichols Dubai goes for flamingos as does H&M’s lovely scarf where flamingos are pictured alighting amidst bright green foliage. DSquared on the other hand goes overboard with its love for our feathered brethren and offers us a pair of stilettos almost bursting with feathers, Sophia Webster at Harvey Nichols Dubai also has a pair of winged fantasy hiiiiiiigh-heels in lavender and powder blue (we just hope the wearer doesn’t topple over ‘Madonna-fashion” oops!). And while Marchesa has a swallow-special in a black and yellow dress, Gucci tempts us with an extravagantly embroidered, mustard and orange, full-sleeved dress featuring a pair of cranes taking off amidst floral touches offering us a festive treat. 

Not many of us may be aware that birds play a key role in making plants grow faster, healthier and also enable flowers to bloom. They do this by singing to them! This is the reason spring time comes alive with the sound of birds. Their presence also indicates prosperity of the land.

A dedicated study of the body language of birds reveals that when birds stand on one foot it indicates they are happy and contented. Birds also have a uniquely royal way of saying ‘Hi!’ They do this by standing on one foot and extending a wing with the other foot while gently bowing down their heads. 

As devout bird lovers will tell you, it may take years to gain the trust of another species, but it’s also a humbling moment. (In fact at times, it’s more rewarding to talk to another species than to converse with one’s own).

But in the rush of our daily lives, we scarcely notice these gentle beings and the important role they play in the cycle of life. By way of saying thank you to our feathered fraternity, make it a habit to place a clean bowl of water on your patio (remember to change it daily) to help them combat the heat of summer. They will thank you for it.