Floral merchandise

By admin Monday, 09 March 2015 4:27 PM

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The runways were literally blossoming as all those birds seem to have set off an explosion of flowers. What’s more you can simply pluck blooms off this season’s accessories to make a bright and exotic bouquet for yourself!

Leading the way is talented duo Dolce & Gabbana’s lacy black creation featuring bright red embroidered carnations with long stalks arranged symmetrically. Dior goes the green way (by recycling plastic) with a picturesque tote bedecked with plastic flowers and gold sequins as does Applonia at Sauce’s necklace which also features crystals.

Alexander McQueen meanwhile presents a pair of interesting heels and a handbag in a pastel pink-white and black combo said to be inspired by the Kabuki masks of ancient Japan. Charlotte Olympia’s extravagantly designed heels featuring large leaf motifs can effortlessly ‘up’ that oomph factor a notch or more (along with your height of course).

And while Louis Vuitton beckons us to visit its outlet with a must-have floral fantasy that clearly screams out ‘Bag it or regret it!’ Parah brings alive the charm of a garden on its tote.

Michael Kors on the other hand presents a ‘brownie surprise’ with its charming belt featuring a large bloom near the buckle, while Moschino Cheap & Chic has pretty sandals for that mall trawl or the splash-in-the-beach that you had in mind for the weekend.     

In esoteric terms, flowers symbolise kindness and certain flowers can activate healing too. A time-tested meditation technique to speeden up healing is to envision (in detail), a large, light pink rose, the softness of its petals, its timeless beauty, the fragrance it exudes and so on just for a few minutes. Now take a deeeeep breath. There! You should be feeling better already!