IL Borro

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IL Borro

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Il Borro Tuscan Bistro, a place that declines of suggestions, based on the idea that every moment deserves special feelings, that any moment could become experience that involves our senses. A philosophy that is linked to a concept of deep multisensorial concept to unleash from imposed labels and from the already forgotten limitations of time and space.

The Tuscan Bistrois a real real concept shop halfway between restaurant, wine bar and store, an innovative space that has as primary essence, excellence, in all its various forms .Small, subtle fragments capable of giving color to our journey.

A lunch, a cocktail or a simple breakfast, go to Il Borro Tuscan Bistro, sit back and try what is our vision of emotion.

The Tuscan Bistro comes to life from a dream of the Ferragamo family, that dream called Il Borro.

The origins of the village of Il Borro are lost in the history of medieval Tuscany, a thousand-year history that saw the protagonists illustrious families like the Pazzi, the Medici Tornaquinci and Savoy. Surrounded by the scenic ancient Via dei Sette Ponti, an area rich in art and culture among the main Tuscan cities (Florence, Arezzo and Siena), the Borro is an unspoiled oasis where everything has its own past, where every corner has a story to tell.

Tradition, but not only. In Il Borro runs a strong desire for innovation that puts this historic place in perfect harmony between what was and what will be. A large number of projects for the future, in particular to environmental sustainability, able in recent years to give a tangible sign of modernity, rest assured that the past can not exist without an active present.

Original reinterpretation of the most historic Florence, from the intellectual and cosmopolitan mood, the Tuscan Bistro is an aware derivation of the will of excellence that has always characterized Il Borro and its activities.

The concept is developed on the idea that the aesthetic / visual perception is not just an accessory consequence, but the primary element essential to the quality of the emotion experienced. a multi level experience capable of fully involving the visitor in a place of sophisticated tones but always welcoming.

The design is focused on the enhancement of natural materials and the use of neutral colors but warm inspired by medieval art and the paintings of the Macchiaioli quickened by some details of wine red and water green..

A mood that respects the origins of the place, coverinig it with that essential contemporaneity able to make an almost timeless place.

An evolved Tuscan cuisine, the one proposed by the Il Borro Bistro, in constant balance between taste, substance and creativity. A contemporary retelling of the culinary traditions that the executive chef Andrea Campani and his staff prepare with great willingness and wisdom, to give the usual flavors but never dull.

A proposal from the Tuscan Bistro which is emancipated from any limitation of space and time: the only dictat , quality. A widespread quality that can influence each preparation, be it a lunch or a simple sandwich, adapting perfectly to the needs and the most varied occasions.

Maximum attention to the first fruits given by the local land, irreplaceable raw materials, and techniques of preparation, two souls of the same reality. A perfect combination of sophistication and authenticity pushes the Tuscan Bistro between the Tuscany that once was and that will be, inspiring us to inspire in every dish the true essence of our land.

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