Kazar - Fashion Footwear and Accessories brand's SS-2017 collection

By Olga_Gafurova Thursday, 13 April 2017 3:30 PM

Kazar - Fashion Footwear and Accessories brand's SS-2017 collection

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On April 12, 2017 Kazar - Poland Fashion Footwear and Accessories brand in collaboration with Landmark Group presented its Spring/Summer 2017 collection at their store in Mirdif City Centre.

Rooted in Europe, Kazar has become a global fashion symbol, and its collection complements the modern, active lifestyle to create a strong and unique fashion statement.

Women’s Collection Spring/Summer 2017

The latest Kazar spring-summer 2017 collection is the perfect combination of several styles and trends that permeate each other, creating intriguing images. A noticeable trend in summer designs is inspired by Latin handicrafts (Havana Club), referring to colourful braided raffia, typically associated with the hot, pulsating sensations of Cuba, as well as the black and white or vibrant colour mosaics of the most famous beach in Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Mosaic).

Hot summer accents are also a feature of slip-ons, both flat and richly ornamented (Luxury Slide) and re-evaluated, extremely comfortable mules with closed toes – the Comfort Flat model which you can slip into with one move.

Mohamediaqbal  Yacoobali and Artur Kazienko

Kazar has drawn inspiration from the charm of the somewhat eccentric 80s fashion canon, reflected in the abundant embroidery and decoration (Fancy Embellishment) associated with many models of shoes and accessories. Pop-art accents beautifully combine with geometric elements (Patched Pattern) and metal chains, eyelets, balls and expressive buckles, which are one of the most fashionable decorative motifs of the season. A new direction in embellishment is the “more-is-more" approach, so there is no limit on quantity. Apart from the sparkle of metal, stars also shine to create one of the most fashionable motifs, as brightly on street-style sneakers as on high heels to deliver a rock style.

Fashion appreciates style come-backs, so there’s no surprise that Kazar has taken a turn towards this season’s ultra trendy pointed-toe ballerinas (Pointed Flats), as well as Square Toe Pumps that guarantee comfort and stability. Square heels also feature in moccasins designed in a full range of colours. Here it is worth mentioning classical ballerinas, tied at the ankles with a lace, ribbon or strap (Ankle Straps). Delicate high-heeled sandals provide the perfect finishing touch to evening dresses and lace-up ballerinas create a beautiful combination with shorts and rolled-up jeans.

Summer is automatically associated with sandals, which occupy pride of place in the Kazar collection. Women who value convenience love to reach out for the timeless Flatform Sandal model, created in line with the latest trends in design.

It is not a secret that Kazar values comfort. This idea runs alongside the colourful Olympic Medal Sneakers line and the even more comfortable Laceless Sneakers, which are a solid alternative to the classic version of lace-up sneakers that contrast casual urban styling. The trendiest colour of the season is neutral white. Replacing laces with rubber (Banded Straps) is a revolutionary solution that lends sports shoes a modern, minimalist appeal – wide bands instead of laces

Ramy Nabil and Nikhil Chaturvedi


Men’s Collection Spring/Summer 2017

In spring-summer 2017, the most fashionable motive is deep, saturated indigo, perfectly composed with other shades of blue – cool sky-blue reflected on the calm surface of the sea and the dark navy of storm waves. All these colours can be combined with both denim and neutral beige or white. Once again Kazar has managed to break free from the schematic thinking that usually limits men’s colours and styles. The omnipresence of colour in men's shoes and accessories is in line with the current global men’s wear trends.

Tumbled Suede in colours inspired by nature is the perfect way to accentuate effortless elegance. In the Kazar summer collection, this trend features a rough structure, giving accessories a raw appearance and emphasizing the appeal of sports and casual shoes.

Designers are increasingly turning to innovative technologies invented for sport. Kazar decided to design with Micro Mesh made of synthetic materials, typical for "breathable" sportswear. Inserts made from this textile lend urban sports-style shoes a lightness and modern look. In addition to the mesh, the designer also opted for regular and imaginative openwork perforations, adding a light touch to each model – including grain leather and suede – allowing them to "breathe", even on the hottest of summer days.

A novelty and one of the leading trends of the season is leather with a metallic gloss finish (Mirror Metallic), adding an extravagant and futuristic character to sports designs. In turn, Summer Leather delivers masculinity and elegance in shades ranging from caramel to deep cognac. Each version matches a wide range of day wear as well as elegant suits.

The colour of Sand should be included among the timeless classics and as one of the most important colours in men's collections for the current season, balancing the blue palette pervasive in the latest Kazar men's collection.

The spring-summer 2017 collection is a proposition for men who know the trends and are on the lookout for fashionable shoes and accessories that perfectly complement their everyday, business and special-occasional look. The current Kazar collection fully responds to these needs by offering global trends in the best style coupled with premium quality