KEF Hospitality: Where 7-Star Hospitality Meets Health and Wellness

By Olga_Gafurova Saturday, 20 April 2024 1:39 AM

KEF Hospitality: Where 7-Star Hospitality Meets Health and Wellness

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KEF Holdings, a dynamic conglomerate with a successful and rich 29-year history of innovation, disruption, and social impact, proudly introduces KEF Hospitality, a visionary venture that is set to redefine luxury hospitality. At the forefront of this new chapter will be 'tulåh Clinical Wellness', the upcoming subsidiary under the 'tulåh ' brand, marking a significant and powerful stride into the future of holistic health and wellness. Tulåh is set to officially welcome holistic-wellness seekers in Kerala, India, starting 2024.

With its headquarters in Dubai International Financial Centre, KEF Holdings is a family-owned company. Known for its industry-agnostic approach, creating sustainable and cost-effective businesses in sectors like infrastructure, healthcare, and technology – KEF is unceasingly commited to innovating and building positive social impact for a better future.  With a $600 million asset portfolio and a global workforce of 2,100, KEF Holdings is on a mission to "Be Different. Make a Difference."

KEF Hospitality stands out as a major player, a pioneer of innovation in the world of high-end hospitality. It promises a transformative experience through one of its first ventures in the market, tulåh Clinical Wellness, a sanctuary where nature, heritage, and tradition meet modernism to realign and nurture the mind, body, and soul. This facility, located in the verdant landscapes of Chelambra in Kerala, India, integrates and harmonizes modern medicine with traditional wisdom, offering a scientific path to wellness with proven clinical outcomes.

Tulåh is not merely a sanctuary; it is a philosophy and a blueprint for life, transcending convential wellness practices. It is a place where ancient healing techniques blend with cutting-edge medical therapies, representing a holistic approach to life – a brand that champions the harmonious unity of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

In the world's first clinical luxury wellness sanctuary, tulåh, guests become a part of vibrant community – one that embodies the essence of care and connectedness, lifelong learning and the joy of shared experiences. With Tulåh Clinical Wellness , KEF Hospitality  bridges the gap between healing and thriving, belonging and sharing, vitality and sustainability, as well as the wisdom of the traditional and the advancements of the modern. These pillars are interlaced  to create a holistic healthcare system that’s both sustainable and evolutionary – offering a symphony of services, from ancient Ayurvedic treatments to contemporary medicine and data-driven technology.

Tulåh’s clinical wellness offerings are comprehensive, including Nutrigenomics, advanced diagnostics, and a range of both modern and traditional treatments such as Ayurveda, Yoga, and Sound Healing – all designed to foster balance and well-being in every aspect of life. Tulåh advocates a lifestyle that is sustainable and in harmony with nature – celebrating cultural wisdom, clinical expertise, and scientific approaches to health. Moreover, the brand of tulåh extends far beyond the sanctuary with 'tulåh Digital', a bespoke healthcare companion app, 'Urban tulåh' which brings wellness to city life, and 'tulåh at Home', ensuring the continuity of the tulåh ethos in everyday living.

The impending launch of tulåh Clinical Wellness is poised to tackle the prevailing global health crisis dominated by lifestyle diseases. With alarming rates of chronic health issues impacting billions globally, tulåh's integrated healthcare approach offers a solution that prioritizes addressing the root cause rather than merely managing symptoms. The goal is to effectively manage, reverse, and ultimately prevent lifestyle diseases in the long term.

KEF Hospitality, through tulåh, is not just reimagining luxury hospitality; it's setting a new standard – providing a sanctuary where guests can take in an unmatched holistic health journey. Embrace the tulåh way of life. Begin your transformative journey with Tulåh Clinical Wellness.

Introducing the brand in the GCC market for the first time, Tulah will officially be present at the Arabian Travel Market 2024.