Red Accents

By admin Wednesday, 21 October 2015 9:31 AM

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Red accents ruled the runways this season in thrilling fashion and we pick four of the top to give you a glimpse of what’s out there red-dy and waiting for you…

 To start off, British designer Vivienne Westwood’s irrepressible love for-all-things-punk was on full display in a grand cape that swirls all over in her Gold Label Show at Paris Fashion Week titled simply as Unisex. Highlighted by humungous red blooms it is designed to proclaim your presence while just hinting at the wearer’s mysterious identity beneath the hood. Dare it to wear it.

 Versace being Versace perks up the scene with a black mini skirt and top combo clinched by a very cute bomber jacket sporting geometric red blooms (not to forget the fur accents on the shoulders). What to say of that sassy touch of red stockings with black stripes matched by oversized red goggles? You’re sure to imprint yourself in everyone’s mind as the red bombshell in town. (But that was the whole idea you would say.)

#GREEK is the future of Versace today. The debut of #GREEK, revolutionising the iconic Versace Greek key with playful emojis appears on clothing, and a brand new line of accessories. Geometric shapes run throughout, whether it’s a circle-cut skirt, the triangle of a flared pant, or the circular shapes cut into silk cady dresses.  “This is my Versace for today, and forever. #GREEK symbolises everything.

 The inspiration of the Dolce&Gabbana Women’s Fall 2016 collection was THE MOTHER (mamma in Italian).

The mother is the heart of the family and in this way Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana had a very intimate, personal approach when creating this collection, because the image of the mother that inspired them comes from their own memories as children. The collection has a great amount of creativity (new shapes, embroideries, prints, collage) and it featured 89 looks (plus the finale). The collection is very sensual, but at the same time iconic of the DNA of Dolce&Gabbana.

There were the classic black dresses enriched with fur and in new fluid and sensual shapes, the exquisite embroideries in the shape of red roses and love messages to every mothers from their children, the original drawings of kids printed on dresses

For Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana today fashion has to send a message and tell a story.

A message of love, positive, but also a social message.

The family is the most important value for everyone, no matter the age, sex or nationality. We all have a family and to our own family we go back to in both happy and sad moments. Our family is the safety net, is the place of unconditional love. 

Alberta Ferretti got inspired by the ongoing love for selfies which has taken the world by storm. Wondering what could have been its equivalent in ancient times, she found the perfect answer in Renaissance portraits where women with character were depicted. Adding her own unique touch of modernity, she unfurls an array of pretty dresses with ruffle and frills and those flouncy collars we often discover secretaries adorning. We pick one neat three-piece number composed of a full sleeved silk shirt, black velvet jacket with rich, ruby red embroidery teamed with a red pair of silk pants. Cool.         

"For me, it's important to dream. If you dream it, it will happen," reasoned Ferretti backstage.

So dream away…