Reptilian intentions

By admin Wednesday, 14 January 2015 3:25 PM

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Snake it all over and turn reptilian with a vengeance! Leading fashion houses are out to tempt you with reptilian textures and prints such as snake, lizard, alligator or crocodile, both faux and real, which now come in a rainbow of colours

Balenciaga has a neat, swanky tote sporting croc texture in bright blue while Bulgari goes for a fiery, orangish-red and black combo which comes in its famed Serpenti collection as also a 60’s trend pair of show-stopping glares.

Trends aside, did you know that an ancient Indian belief says that killing cobras attracts ill fortune? It begets bad karma that can follow one for many lifetimes and seriously hamper the soul’s development. So keep that in mind, just in case.

To continue, Celine has a pair of comfy loafers sporting snake texture leather while Dune London offers a sleek pair of pumps with a shiny, metallic glint. Aquazurra at Harvey Nichols on the other hand up’s the glam by featuring a Spanish mask on its heels, along with tassels, ‘cow-girl fashion’.

Discover them all this season but go a little easy on the look coz otherwise it could just come on a little too strong…