Studded distractions

By admin Wednesday, 14 January 2015 3:30 PM

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Yet another strong trend this season comes by way of studs. They not only stand out they also have a powerful glint of gold. (Eureka! So that could be the secret to their attraction. Mankind’s eternal love for the yellow metal…)

Aigner displays its love for all things equestrian by ‘studding’ a skin-colour belt with its hoof-shaped logo. Instant brand recognition apart (for Aigner of course) it’s just perfect to emphasize that recent weight loss effort at the local gym (or high end personal trainer for the lucky ones).

Now if you’ve noticed, Alexander McQueen does nothing in half measures. It’s all for instant attention (of lasting effect). This season it plays on the term ‘studs’ by studding a pair of boots  lavishly all over with rock crystals and as added guarantee for that eye-catching allure, adds a trim of white lace at the top and threads thick, velvet, black shoe laces as a theatrical finish. You can be sure everyone’s eyes are going to grace your feet (and nowhere else on you) until you take them off.

DSquared on the other hand takes very similar looking rock crystals and perches them on a pair of glares. They may look good in ‘reel life’ (Bollywood style), but real life we are not too sure. What if they affect your eyesight?

From skirts to gloves, knee length boots to clutches, a range of studded fashion accessories await your indulgence. And as their golden glimmer catches that glint in your eye, you’ll be simply floored forever!