Vhernier Launches New Capsule Collection

By admin Wednesday, 20 January 2016 11:35 AM

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Vhernier, the masters of understated, chic and fine jewellery, has introduced its new VOLTA CELESTE collection of remarkable diamond pieces, set in titanium.

The collection, inspired by Vhernier’s spirit of minimal beauty, features a ring, ear clips and pendant, combining light titanium with natural sapphires in pink, blue or cognac and a frosting of diamonds - sprinkled on top like fresh snowdrops on a winter’s day.

Many Vhernier jewels feature precious and yet hidden details that are not immediately seen, such as the delicate diamond finishing on each piece in the VOLTA CELESETE collection. 

Representing the finest Italian jewelry, Vhernier’s creative collections are influenced by trends in contemporary art. The minimalist design and handcrafted pieces are an exploration of proportion, surface and intricate structure. 

The soul of the brand is in Vhernier’s superiorly trained Italian craftsmen with an in-depth knowledge of materials, stones,     cuts and traditional manufacturing techniques and the VOLTA CELESTE collection is no exception. 


Vhernier represents the finest in Italian Jewelry, renowned for its creativity and minimalist design.

The Italian brand, which is headquartered in Milan, opened its first freestanding store in Dubai in Jumeirah Emirates Towers three years ago. Globally, the Italian jeweler has boutiques in Milan, Capri, Rome, Venice, Geneva, Athens and America in New York, Palm Beach, Houston and Beverly Hills.