Yelling out YELLOW

By admin Monday, 03 November 2014 8:00 PM

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We can vouch for it. There’s a touch of ‘yellow fever’ in town this season (in the fashion world that is). It was first seen in Spring 2014 when colour specialists Pantone declared ‘Freesia’ as the shade to vouch for. And as it’s such an unabashedly sunshiny-happy hue, you are guaranteed instant attention just wherever you go. (But it’s up to you how much you can handle).

And you have a great range to select too from soft and lightish lemonade to dark mustard yellow and of course, everything you can find, in-between.

How about a bright yellow sweater with a snaky motif pattern running along its length? One  particular piece from Philosophy by Natalie Ratabesi has a casual, easy going charm that is to be partnered with a short mini, (real short that is) made from a thick, shiny fabric and decked with swirls all over (to bob along as you walk). Slip your feet into a shiny, black pair of ankle boots to add the perfect finishing touch to that stroll in the mall…

Mochino tempts the young (and the young at heart) with a sweater tunic that comes down to several inches above your knees and which featurs a goggly-eyed daschund in front, with those typical daschund dots all over the piece.

To announce your presence in a less dramatic style but still with a touch of yellow, Longchamp has a nice yellow bag while Marc by Marc Jacobs (featuring its iconic smiley croc on the flap), has a satchel design with white polka dots. Now how cute is that? Emilio Pucci and Lacoste decide to go for the other end of the spectrum with their mustard yellow designs.

As does Givenchy with an architecturally constructed, artistic handbag that simply won’t get out of your head so easily and hence should be grabbed at the earliest opportunity. So do get to the nearest store FAST!

Not to forget, there’s a great pair of suave heels sporting leopard print from top Italian favourite, Le Silla for those special evenings you had in mind…