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Bonaldo, expression  of  the  most sophisticated design Made in Italy that won over international markets, has announced the launch of its latest collections in the name of the “Total Look”.

Tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, beds, accessories and, new for 2019, lighting elements: resulting from a scrupulous and passionate design research and from the precious partnership with a team of Italian and international  designers,  Bonaldo’s  new  collections  convey  a  strong  innovative  spirit for  settings  with  a bold personality representing modernity without boundaries.

The  central  idea  of  the  project  “Bonaldo  Total  Look”  is  the  creation  of  dynamic,  fully  coordinated ambiances, designed for both residential and contract settings, in a unique style  full of well-being and comfort. Settings where the living room dialogues harmoniously with the bedroom in a sole language made  of  expertise,  contemporary  elegance  and,  at  times,  irony,  in  a  mixture  of  creative  influences. Integrated spaces which share the stylistic footprint that makes Bonaldo a major ambassador of Italian lifestyle  all  over  the  world  and  responds  to  the  cultural  change  of  modern  consumers  in  pursuit  of increasingly refined, “sophisticated” and non-makeshift furnishing systems.

The distinguishing feature of the entire collection is the wide choice of materials and finishes available, affording total versatility of use in every setting. From table tops to the ever-growing range of fabrics for armchairs, sofas, chairs and beds; every single detail makes it easier to identify a precise interior style and uniformly use it throughout a house or a hotel facility, with an increasingly stronger reference to the world of fashion.

LIVING ROOM: the living area speaks a global language

Sinuously  shaped  tables  are  the  protagonists  of  the  living  room,  in  a  perfect  balance  between  the volumetric bases and the sophisticated table top materials that reinforce the architectural character of each model. Elements suited to the bold personality of sofas, armchairs, chairs and poufs with their welcoming design, in  which  the  generous  sizes  and  smooth  curves  integrate  with  the  simple  elements  of  the  supporting frames.

BEDROOM: the sleeping dimension has changed

Bonaldo presents its new bedroom project, namely a collection of single and double beds that includes brand-new models along with the restyling of some iconic pieces. At the base of this concept there is a new dimension of the bedroom that is supplemented by refined suggestions with islands dedicated to relaxation and elements with an emotional and functional design. The collection includes accessories such as tallboys, chests of drawers, poufs and bedside tables in many different models that give the bedroom a strong scenic impact.

LI GHTING:  new  entry  in  Bonaldo’s  collection

Thanks to the partnership with skilled designers, Bonaldo is making its début in the world of lighting with a collection that has been developed to fully furnish the room, thus reinforcing the concept of “Total Look”. One of these partnerships is that with Marco Zito, specialized in product and interior design, who has  designed  for  Bonaldo  a  collection  of  precious  suspension  lamps,  floor  lamps  and  table  lamps  in Venetian blown glass. The production of the new collection of lamps is Made in Veneto, confirming the strong bond between the brand and its region of origin. This district has got deeply rooted traditions and skills in the field of lighting and is a benchmark for the finest raw materials used in this industry: starting from blown glass, typical of the Venice area, to the traditional materials used.

The  project  “Bonaldo  Total  Look”  marks  a  significant milestone  in  Bonaldo’s  process  to  strengthen  its presence  in  the  Italian  market  and  in  its  ongoing  internationalization  strategy.  At the base of this expansion process, passion, research and quality continue to be the guidelines for the brand which today, thanks to its unmistakable style, represents one of the most important names in Italian design.