Yuan, Atlantis The Palm

By admin Thursday, 12 February 2015 1:02 PM

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Contemporary Chinese with a traditional twist. Modern food combined with time honoured traditions. Stylish atmosphere with a warm welcome. Taste every delight at YUAN.

YUAN has created a mouth-watering menu of traditional Cantonese and Szechuan dishes blended seamlessly with high-quality, fresh ingredients and accentuated by contemporary Western cooking methods.

Diners can be seated in an Oriental Inner Courtyard, designed using Chinese elements of harmony and balance or in the Principal House, where the scenes of nature and warm interiors are reminiscent of dining halls built for Chinese nobility. Alternatively, guests can choose to relax and escape by entertaining in our private dining room.

This elegant Chinese restaurant and bar is located at the entrance to the Avenues in Atlantis and sets a new standard for Chinese cuisine and provides guests with an extraordinary dining experience.

Atlantis The Palm

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