Atelier Versace SS 2016

By egor Thursday, 09 June 2016 9:26 AM

Atelier Versace SS 2016

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Clothes like seduction weapons, sartorial masterpieces that reveal the body. Donatella Versace keeps conveying her personal interpretation of haute couture and carries Atelier Versace towards a modern elegance, an almost dream-like elegance, with a haute couture-like perfection. Evening dresses and tuxedos, deconstructed and reassembled, kept in place by silicon bands or colored crystal ropes. Perforated mini bodices alternate with long chiffon dresses adorned by straps, or unveil precious sequined T-shirts. The evening dresses are embellished with velvet and leather mesh elements while the crystal embroidery contains and unveils the body. Imbibed with a strong dynamism  this Atelier Versace collection  celebrates once again the know-how of the Maison and the ability of Versace to give shape to modern women’s dreams: strong and determined but also super elegant, and tremendously sexy.

Mini and maxi

White, black, yellow, orange, soft blue, Klein blue 

Chiffon, silicone, sequins, velvet, leather, crystals

Bomber jackets worn with long skirts with deep slits alternate with mini-dresses that reveal crystal T-shirts underneath. Fitted jumpsuits featuring sequin embroidery unveil the back sensuously, while the evening dresses are draped and fastened with silicon bands or Swarovski ropes

Strappy sandals. Pumps with elastic bands. Crystal maxi necklaces