Beauty Advice: Five questions to ask your aesthetician

By Olga_Gafurova Monday, 25 July 2022 1:19 PM

Beauty Advice: Five questions to ask your aesthetician

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If there is one person who knows your skin better than you, it’s your aesthetician. While nothing can substitute the years you’ve spent wrestling with acne, hyperpigmentation, or scarring, sometimes it takes a professional eye to identify the real cause (and best solution) to your concern. And once they do, it can unlock a new glorious, glowing era for your complexion.

But how do you reach that point? When it comes to skin treatments, one size definitely does not fit all – which is what makes that initial meeting with your aesthetician so important. From identifying the right treatment, to what comes after your appointment, this is your chance to map out your entire skin strategy.

To make that easier, we spoke to Selfologi – the region’s number one destination for cosmetic treatments online. These are the top five questions they recommend asking to get the most from your consultation.

What’s my skin type?

A lot of us think we know our skin type, but we might be wrong. And when we’re trying to treat something different to our reality, we can end up causing a whole new wave of issues for our complexion – something that can only be resolved by knowing the truth once and for all.

Luckily, this kind of thing is second nature to any aesthetician. By examining your skin, they’ll not only be able to give you a solid definition of sensitive, oily, dry, or combination, but also set your skincare routine – and treatment plan – on the right track.

What do I need to do before and after my appointment?

Your aesthetician should always be your go-to on this one, as advice differs so much case-to-case. Treatments such as chemical peels, fillers, or Botox can come with complicated pre-care and after-care requirements. Whether it’s skipping the gym, pressing pause on using retinol or AHAs, or waiting a certain amount of time before undergoing another treatment, your aesthetician’s advice is priceless when it comes to making the most of your results and avoiding any unwelcome side effects.

What’s the recovery time?

It’s tough to get a 100 per cent accurate estimate for your recovery. While it’s easy to say skin will be red or irritated for a week after a chemical peel, or that laser skin resurfacing may cause dryness for up to two weeks, the reality is that everyone’s skin is different.

The good news is that getting up close and personal with your skin gives your aesthetician better insight than anyone. Combined with their own experience practising your chosen treatment, they’ll be able to timetable your recovery time best – giving you handy foresight when planning post-treatment life.

When will I see results?

Yep, we’ll say it again: everyone’s skin is different. For example, some cases of hyperpigmentation may be resolved in just three sessions of microneedling, while others will take longer to reverse the damage. The only way to know for sure is by having a frank conversation with your aesthetician about your expectations. With a clear treatment plan, you’ll have an idea of what’s possible – and when you’ll reap the benefits.

How can I make the most of my results?

Most skin treatments are a marathon, not a sprint. One day your cheeks start to look glowier, your fine lines seem smoother, and those acne marks that hung around for months post-breakout finally begin to make their exit. It’s an unmatched feeling – and one that can last longer when you take the right steps. From complementary treatments to the skincare that’ll make your glow go even further, your aesthetician is there to guide you every step of the way.

Bonus: How do I find my aesthetician?

This is the biggest question, but the one with the most straightforward answer. Find some of the top aestheticians in the region with selfologi – the ultimate destination to discover, learn about and book cosmetic treatments online.

Once you’ve used the platform’s collection of news, trends, and insights to find the right option for your concern, simply search for your treatment to book with the clinic and practitioner of your choice. Get your glow – quickly, easily, and securely