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By admin Wednesday, 08 April 2015 12:59 PM

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Offering first class style with a considered collection of premium tailoring, everyday pieces and leather accessories all created in its Italian atelier, Billionaire Italian Couture is a name synonymous with refined luxury. Combining made-to-measure principles with the accessibility of ready-to-wear, the brand’s signature flair and expert craftsmanship make it a true marker of sophistication for the modern man. The intuition and flair of Flavio Briatore, with his ability to foresee the future evolution of market styles and trends, has positioned Billionaire Italian Couture on the market as the first international haute couture line exclusively for men. The culture of excellence embraced by Billionaire Italian Couture is the product of a chemical reaction between values that have rapidly driven the brand into a unique position of quality and authority worldwide. In a market with a tradition of obsequiousness to women's idiosyncrasies, and unaware of the aspirations and desires of some men, Billionaire Italian Couture has made its mark on the world stage by being the first to fill this structural gap and demolish the myth: like a watershed between the past and the present, it places men at the center of the new world. Every garment has a story to tell and a personality to reveal, in a winning combination of style, class and creativity. It is a relentless search for the original details that express quality, sophistication and eccentricity, where the classic, understated style of Italy's tradition for fashion and elegance is constantly enriched with unusual elements that point to the future. 

Billionaire, The Man

For Spring Summer 2015, Billionaire takes a road trip ‘down under’ to Australia with each aspect of the collection inspired by this culturally rich country.

The colour palette of ochre reds and earthy oranges are an ode to Australia’s dramatic landscape such as Ayers Rock, whilst the ocean blues and soft greys are reminiscent of the majestic ocean life. In true Billionaire style, the vibrant Australia inspired colours have also been applied to the luxurious exotic skins featured this season. Exotic skin are repeatedly treated to ensure a supple and lightweight feel. This season’s iconic pieces are the yellow python biker jacket, the beige python bomber as well as the kangaroo jacket in a lustrous dark blue.

A particularly strong theme throughout the collection is the ancestral cultures and traditions of Australia, the Aboriginal culture. Iconic elements such as dot paintings and mythological symbols including tattoos and tribal masks are reimagined by Billionaire to create modern and original prints for blazers, t-shirts, silk shirts in a sleek black and white colour palette as well as more dramatic jewel tones. Scarves featuring tribal tattoos are incredibly translucent and lightweight, almost mimicking the appearance of tattooed skin.

Sailing and the characteristic Australian nautical lifestyle have been re-interpreted by Billionaire in a unique way for this season’s sports and daytime wear. Nautical flags have inspired distinct all-over prints, snapped yacht rope is transformed into motifs and vessels form elaborate patterns. Sea fauna such as dolphins and jelly fish are seen in embroideries which adorn jean pockets and slippers. True to their typically opulent style, Billionaire pushes this nautical concept even further; with motifs and details of powerful high-speed catamarans of the Australian cup which are repeated throughout the sports line.


Billionaire adds their own unique twist by introducing formal wear in an exciting colour palette of pastels.

Featuring soft tweed jackets with sunbeam details, light wool suits in pale blue and cream hues, the formal wear is typically bold.


Further inspiration is taken from the strong romance between urban Australian cities and contemporary art, in particular Pop Art which is celebrated in Sydney’s cosmopolitan art galleries. This kaleidoscope of Pop Art in­spired colours can be seen in the evening wear, with silk blazers and matching shirts adorned with the brand’s signature jewel buttons.

Billionaire, The Woman

A reflection of the menswear collection, the Billionaire Woman continues the strong Australian motifs and unique prints in pastels and corals through to structured black silhouettes. Highlights from the collection include the sna­keskin trench coat and the white jeans and matching jacket featuring an exclusive aboriginal style motif.