Bvlgari presents Cinemagia High Jewellery Collection (Video)

By Aliheydar_Rzayev Wednesday, 31 July 2019 1:30 AM

Bvlgari presents Cinemagia High Jewellery Collection (Video)

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Step into the world of cinema, and, as if by magic, be transported to a dreamland. With the Cinemagia High Jewellery Collection, Bvlgari celebrates its passionate relationship with the silver screen: an array of wondrous pieces spotlighting the same boundless creativity and expertise that exists at the heart of the finest films.

An extraordinary exercise in daring creativity and craftsmanship, each Cinemagia creation boasts Bvlgari’s quintessential Roman spirit. Visionary and show-stopping, the Action! necklace celebrates the invention of celluloid roll film through the jewel’s sinuous construction. Matching an unconventional material like black zirconium with the noble, eternal diamond, Bvlgari makes this necklace a must-have piece for the red carpet.

A taste of the sweet life, the Dolce Vita colours necklace boasts the exciting spirit of Rome.

Bvlgari’s savoir-faire with brilliant gemstones shines with the Cinemagia sautoir’s spellbinding octagonal emerald: a wonder of nature bringing its star power to a piece tailor-made to showcase the gem’s most radiant hue. The statement piece masterfully unites the Roman Jeweller’s devotion to revered gemstones and exceptional women.

Bvlgari once more makes the impossible, possible: precious stones transformed into a dream to wear, daring colour combinations, materials, gem cuts and artistry come together in the dreamlike Fairy Wings necklace.

A gemstone melody with spellbinding power: the Charming Sirens necklace takes you to a Mediterranean heaven.

 Inspired by its passionate love affair with cinema, one that started in the golden years of La Dolce Vita, today Bvlgari brings to the spotlight a new generation of phenomenal women who are breaking boundaries. With an impeccable combination of fantasy and boundless goldsmith savoir-faire, each piece narrates the fascination of cinema from the glitz on the red carpets to the Italian way of film making.