Daria Russkikh discovered her «Inner Planet» using augmented reality effects

By Olga_Gafurova Monday, 09 January 2023 8:27 PM

Daria Russkikh discovered her «Inner Planet» using augmented reality effects

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As a leading figure in the «abstract fine art» the artists paintings appear to come to life right in front of our eyes, thanks to the use of the augmented reality effects of Phygital Art, which combines the digital and physical worlds into each piece and allows the painting to reveal the artist's inner feelings and guide the viewer to see and feel her personal, inner world at a level never experienced before.

Her use of augmented reality is a technique she employs to create expressive art. Daria builds her own «Inner Planet», which reveals her inner feelings and a fascinating inner universe.

«At Person's, we are excited to be supporting new artists, and we are deeply committed to showcasing their artworks and helping them establish themselves in new markets», said Mr. Piergiovanni Persone, Founder of Person's Auction House.

«As technology advances, artists are beginning to view the AR effect as a way to enhance their unique talents. And Daria continues on this path, creating wonderful works that are a reflection of our time, a modern adaptation, and the research of classical school», adds an art critic and painter Alena Vavilina.

Daria explains that since she is the creator of her own thoughts and emotions, such as love, comfort, and happiness (the feelings that connect all of us), her artwork tries to bring these emotional connections to the public and the exhibition pieces reveal how a person's perception can be guided through the inner journey of the artist.

The guests had the one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet the artist in person in the delightful ambiance of Person's Auction House, located at the highest point of JLT, and to discover their own «Inner Planet», allowing them to achieve happiness and harmony within themselves.

The purpose of the art project is to encourage the viewer to explore the art work on a deeper level and relive personal experiences which expose their very own «planet of happiness». 

Works from the Inner Planet and Humanity Synonym series were on display. The curators and organizers of the exhibition are modern art professionals Gallerist Alexandra Timorina and Orange PR communication agency Founder Maria Kuznetsova.


«In her artworks, Daria Russkikh touches upon the issues of finding peace within ourselves: The «Inner Planet» as our own «planet of happiness». Here it is worth noting that in astronomy, the term «inner planets» refers to celestial bodies whose orbits are located within our solar system, specifically Mercury and Venus», says the curator of the exhibition Alexandra Timorina.

Both represent art, skills, music, and romance. These two planets amplify each other’s energy, but Mercury especially becomes more creative because Mercury in a way is like Rahu; he becomes the planet he’s in conjunction with or at least he cheers for them.

«The presentation leaves one with a strange aftertaste. We notice in an hour that the world of emerging artists has shifted dramatically. Daria was successful in immersing the viewer in the history of the epoch of change. The world is changing rapidly, but it is still beautiful and harmonious», says Olga Dvoretskaia, an art & technology producer and the founder of the Disartive Digital Art Fair.

The solo performance of Shura Skripka, a renowned musician who masterfully interprets modern violin music, was one of the evening's highlights. The combination of classical art and live music contributed to the exhibition's overall feeling. This helped to encourage the general public to consider the evolution of conventional art approaches and their incorporation into the new digital world.

Exhibition duration: January 6 - January 14, 2023.

Venue: Person’s Auction House, 3-H, Third Floor, Almas Tower, JLT, United Arab Emirates.

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10-6 pm*.  Saturday - by appointment.

*Please note that it is essential that you have your Emirates ID or passport with you to gain entry to the exhibition.