Dior’s modern classics

By admin Monday, 03 November 2014 8:00 PM

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Raf Simmon’s Fall/Winter haute couture collection for Dior draws inspiration from 18th century French court moves to Edwardian tailoring and comes right up to the present times, journeying across several time periods.

You sense the mood. Now for the designs…

The ball gowns feature pannier-skirted gowns that are three-quarter rather than full-length. Matched by narrow, sporty bodice tops fashioned in embroidered silk, they are charmingly accessorized with armfuls of silver bangles, to add a tinkle to your presence. (Not that you consciously seek attention of course, as it comes to you entirely unsought).

For more sporty encounters Raf Simmons offers a grey silk jumpsuit, defined by zipped details and tiny motifs. Zap that look firmly now, with a metal belt decked with lacquered discs and pull on a pair of long gloves, a la Jacky-O fashion and you’re set to be the (tomboyish) belle of the setting.

For more formal occasion Simmons offers long patterned coats that are to be worn over long, polo neck tops perfect to firmly nip that cold snap in the air. Falling away gracefully below your knees, they are sure to fetch some envious looks as they flutter in the wind. (So do make sure to step outside every now and then). There are fop coats and pea coats too by the way, in a true time travel tale through fashion world.

Crafted in high end luxurious fabrics like cashmere and chinchilla Dior’s designs have an easy going charm hinting of accessibility (just in case you got lucky at the lottery).