Emirates Red Crescent and Ferrari World organized activities for orphans

By olya Tuesday, 14 July 2015 3:35 PM

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The Emirates Red Crescent, (ERC) has recently organized in cooperation with Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, a number of entertainment programmes and activities for orphans sponsored by the ERC nationwide.

This humanitarian initiative aims to bring joy to orphans who have been deprived of family care and attention. It also offers them moral and social support through its varied activities, which are part of the country's approach to rehabilitate and enable future generations to participate in the development and construction of the nation.

This year, the ERC collaborated with Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for the second year in a row, and organised the Ramadan Iftar for 500 orphaned children aged between 7 to 17.

Rashid Mubarak Al Mansouri, ERC Deputy Secretary-General of Local Affairs, said that the ERC provides educational and social programmes, as well as recreational activities to help raise orphans with religious and social values that will help them build a healthy life.

Al Mansouri added that the ERC also organizes a number of sports and cultural activities with the collaboration of various sports, educational and social institutions.