Experience the Art of Japanese Grilling at The Robata, Caesars Palace Dubai

By Olga_Gafurova Friday, 14 July 2023 3:01 PM

Experience the Art of Japanese Grilling at The Robata, Caesars Palace Dubai

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Just as you think the Dubai dining scene couldn't get any flashier, Robata has launched at Caesars Palace with designer tableware, some of the world’s most premium menu items, and an ultra-exclusive beverage menu.

Robata' is short for 'robatayaki' which translates to 'fireside cooking' in Japanese and is a unique bbq style cooking technique that combines hot coals with a flat open fireplace called a hearth grill.

Here at Robata, you can experience Dubai’s first Omakase Yakiniku Menu with authentic Japanese Yakiniku techniques by Yakiniku master chef, Kenichi Osato, a numerous award-winning chef with 30 years of experience in high-end Japanese Yakiniku restaurants.

You can also experience the authentic Japanese shabu-shabu hotpot omakase course using A5 Kobe beef (Beef marbling score 12), the traditional and authentic Japanese tempura course, and the charcoal grill menu.

Working alongside Kenichi, Sushi master chef, Tatsuro Mitsuyasu from Japan was the chef at Sushi Kimura, an award-winning and Michelin-starred restaurant in Singapore.

Robata offers not only authentic sushi courses, but also charcoal-seared sushi made with a twist using flames.

The a la carte menu is also extensive. One of the signature dishes is the charcoal grilled Nodoguro rice made with the most expensive fish in Japan famed for its delicate and slightly sweet flavor. Robata only uses the finest brand of Nodoguro called "Benihitomi".

Described as an art form due to the skill and technique needed to prepare food perfectly, the Robata chefs are experienced in using their senses to monitor grilling time and height with precision since cooking temperatures can't be controlled.

Fresh from the hearth grill, Robata serves the world’s highest-ranking A5 Kobe Beef (certified, marbling score 12 of 12 levels) that arrives juicy on the inside with a crisp and smoky crust.

Similar to TakaHisa, guests to Robata can expect their order served inside designer luggage and there’s also a fashionable barista set on display that’s used for the daily award-winning flare show.

Whether dining indoors or in the picturesque gardens surrounding the restaurant, guests are treated to beachside views of the Persian Gulf.

Robata is open daily from 10 am - 2 am and is located inside the Julius Building at Caesar’s Palace Resort. For bookings contact +97145566689 or visit https://robata.ae/