Franck Muller: An innovative reading of time

By Olga_Gafurova Thursday, 27 June 2024 7:01 PM

Franck Muller: An innovative reading of time

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Franck Muller is a Swiss luxury watch manufacture named after its founder and genius watchmaker. Thanks to the strong in-house capabilities in numerous fields of Haute Horlogerie, the company rapidly became one of the best Swiss brands, that creates exclusive timepieces characterized by complicated movements and original designs. Aviamost went to Geneva to visit Franck Muller’s Swiss Factory where time itself becomes masterpiece, a symphony of passion that resonates through its halls, combining boldness and creativity with exceptional Haute Horlogerie know-how. In an exclusive interview, Franck Muller's CEO, Nicholas Rudaz  talks us through Maison's novelties and how it manages to find new ways to surprise watch connoisseurs.

Franck Muller is world-famous for its Grand Complications. What does the brand stand for?

Franck Muller always stands for creativity and complications in designs. It was the first to put tourbillon in the front of wristwatch, as well created the double-axis and triple-axis tourbillons. It was the first to implement colors into a watch and the colorful fun complications. Franck Muller was a genius watchmaker. We keep following his heritage, savoir-faire and today we still strive to pursue his legacy. He created a watch for those who want to be different and chose timepieces with fantastic creations, complications and colors. As you see, the watches have a very strong DNA, avant-garde and recognizable.

What kind of technology and material do you use?

We’ve always been very creative and effectively continued development of our design with modern technology and material. Crypto inspired us to create Vanguard Encrypto also called “the world’s first functional Bitcoin watch” which is very popular in Dubai and other countries. The dial includes a laser-etched QR code for a public wallet address that can be used to deposit Bitcoins and check the balance of the account. To allow this secure process, a sealed USB stick is included with the watch to store the private key.

Back to the heritage collection, I would like to tell you an anecdote. In the late 1980s Franck Muller delivered to connoisseurs very complicated watches.

You mean the ‘Master of Complications’ that produced in very limited quantity, isn’t it?

Absolutely! That time Franck Muller created the watches under the name of Franck Janet delivering only 5 to 10 pieces per year. Once when he delivered a complicated watch to one of his clients his wife challenged him to create a design watch, something fashionable for her. He had never done this before, but he accepted the challenge. When he created a design piece he thought about woman’s curves. That became an inspiration for the legendary Curvex watch.

It means that it started as a lady’s watch.

The inspiration came from femininity. Making the Curvex watch is incredibly difficult due to its perfectly curved case and unique contours. It’s the brand’s most distinctive silhouette, stunning dials and highly complex movements make the masterpiece immediately identifiable. Curvex is a true example of vibrant and sophisticated design that has timeless elegance.

How do you mesmerize the watch connoisseurs in 2024?

We are proud to unveil the Curvex CX Grand Central Tourbillon Skeleton, an exceptional timepiece that embodies Franck Muller's spirit of innovation and craftsmanship. Another emblematic timepiece is the Curvex CX Master Jumper. It features an exceptional jumping-hour, minute and date complication. This timepiece presents three windows for an innovative reading of the time, on a sublime exceptional dial with a unique and highly creative design. The Curvex CX Flash inspired by the universe of futuristic cars, explores new perspectives and projects itself into the coming years. The choice of materials has been oriented towards modern alloys and technical composites. Pursuing its quest for original creations, Franck Muller presented Round Lady Skeleton Baguette, an exceptional timepiece hand-set with baguette diamonds, reflecting the perfect alliance between fine jewellery and Haute Horlogerie.

In addition to our exclusive to the Maison, the Giga Tourbillion, 12 time faster than a normal tourbillion, where you have four barrels giving you the precision.

What is the entry level for a Franck Muller watch?

We have a wide range starting from 4000 Swiss Franc for ladies quartz going to 3 million Swiss Franc. It is our strength. A lot of creativity, sizes, materials. No once can say that he matches our range.

What do you say for our Russian readers?

Our valued Russian clients were always supportive for the brand. They love the bold size of the watch, they love the tourbillions, the biggest tourbillion (the Giga Tourbillion) that is only offered by Franck Muller, and the Thunderbolt that is the fastest tourbillion.