Fur fun

By admin Sunday, 10 January 2016 12:08 PM

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And while there’s still some ice and snow left after global warming, we might as well enjoy the Alpine heights and the even loftier Everest dimensions. Allowing you the option of keeping warm as well as stylish this wintry season are the world’s leading fashion brands unfurling the most gorgeous designs. We start off with Max Mara’s printed wrap-around creation which artfully combines pleats to keep you snug and enfolded in its luxurious depths. In its stride, Christian Dior’s soft, psychedelic blue and grey fur coat goes for a very bold collar in a design that falls away, bell-fashion up to the ankles, while Emilio Pucci’s coat amps up the shoulder in a fetching green and black, sexy and shorter number. Meanwhile Gucci decides, its brown, ankle-length beauty should flaunt a traditional collar, Louis Vuitton’s knee-length animal-print creation turns the wearer feline with its massive high collar matched by almost, bucket-size pockets. (Sigh. Come to think of it, very soon, even the animals won’t need their furry coats).