A fusion of timeless creativity and modern elegance by Andrea Steidl for Natuzzi Italia

By Olga_Gafurova Thursday, 27 June 2024 5:56 PM

A fusion of timeless creativity and modern elegance by Andrea Steidl for Natuzzi Italia

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Natuzzi Italia proudly presents Mirai, a masterpiece of design crafted in collaboration with the visionary Andrea Steidl. Drawing inspiration from the majestic Frederician architecture of 13th-century Puglia, Mirai embodies a perfect harmony of strength and lightness, seamlessly blending architectural depth with contemporary softness.

Andrea Steidl's creative vision comes to life in Mirai, mirroring the grand Frederician castles with its strong yet light personality. Like these historical marvels, the sofa's structure exudes a captivating allure, evoking a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication.

What sets Mirai apart is its innovative design that plays with optical illusions, reminiscent of the castle's intricate lines. The sofa's lines diverge before converging in perpetual, repeated elements, creating a mesmerizing and dynamic texture that captivates the imagination.

Mirai's refined seating experience is achieved through a meticulous arrangement of individual elements held together by a sleek wooden structure. This structure not only supports the sofa's light and soft volumes but also adds a touch of modernity to its classic charm.

Mirai's three fundamental elements – cushion, backrest, and armrest – are thoughtfully designed to vary in height, enhancing visual comfort and adding a playful dimension to its aesthetic appeal.

Experience the essence of timeless creativity and modern elegance with Mirai, now available at Natuzzi Italia showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.