Galeries Lafayette Dubai invites into its Festive Wonderland

By Olga_Gafurova Tuesday, 28 November 2023 12:12 PM

Galeries Lafayette Dubai invites into its Festive Wonderland

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A legendary Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette in Dubai invites the shoppers to step into 'My Festive Dreamworld’ and embark on an enchanting journey this holiday season. French Designer Charles de Vilmorin brings a magical tale to life, where a paintbrush transforms a young girl's dreams into a burst of colors and poetry.

Prepare to be transported beyond the ordinary as Galeries Lafayette Dubai transforms its store into a dream-like wonderland. The ambiance captures the essence of a magical reverie, with carefully selected decor reminiscent and ethereal brushstrokes. Lose yourself in a festive fairy tale and become part of the enchantment. Immerse yourself in a symphony of lights, colors, and textures as you step into Galeries Lafayette's festive pop-up.

Mesmerizing trees adorned with whimsical ornaments cast a warm glow, creating a magical aura that embraces you from the moment you enter. Shimmery decorative items dance before your eyes, transforming every corner into a visual feast of joy and wonder. But this is more than just shopping; it's an immersive journey where reality and fantasy intertwine. Explore the carefully curated selection of festive staples that enhance the dream-like experience.

From the sensual aroma of Tom Ford candles to the timeless elegance of Memo Paris fragrance sets and the allure of Dior and Gucci Beauty makeup palettes, each item becomes a portal to a world of refined taste and sophistication.

For fashion enthusiasts, Galeries Lafayette Dubai showcases an eclectic array of styles and textures to transform your wardrobe into a festive haven. Plaid, velvet, knits, and sequins from renowned brands such as Zadig & Voltaire, Marquis Elmida, Viktor & Rolf, Les Hommes, and Carolina Herrera beckon you to express your unique style in this season of celebration.

And what would a festive dream be without Santa Claus? From the 8th to the 10th and again from the 22nd to the 25th of December children and the young at heart can meet and greet Santa, capturing precious moments in photos and receiving a special gift that adds an extra sprinkle of magic to the holiday season. But that's not all – indulge in the art of luxurious gifting with our curated selection of jewelry, watches, beauty sets, handbags, and more, all elegantly presented in exclusive packaging. Galeries Lafayette Dubai invites you to celebrate the magic of the holidays, where the extraordinary becomes the norm in every detail and make this festive season truly enchanting.

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