Green is the new Goddess

By admin Monday, 03 November 2014 8:00 PM

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They’ve been shouting about it from the rooftops all season that ‘Green is the new Black’ and if you’ve not heard it, it’s simply too bad (time to get those ears examined we would advice).

But even if some of you have not heard it, we only hope that you (and the rest of us included) have been actively practicing ‘Going green’. Leading designers however, have taken up the cause in all earnest and have been making every effort to spread the message through their awesome creations.

Marni presents a great jacket with an extravagant polo neck, full sleeves and what appear to be all the foliage from the forest gathered together in a large lump at the left shoulder (for extra warmth in that body zone perhaps?) Match it with a midi skirt and a pair of smart loafers to turn instantly cool while staying warm.

For dramatic occasions, DSquared2 has a regal floor length jacket with a black faux fur collar and green fern accents all over. You wear it over a full length black affair while pulling on a pair of elbow-length gloves and walk around with your head held high (not too high or you could just trip over somewhere). Quite a Chrismassy piece but.

Mulberry meanwhile has a boxy handbag, Aigner an eye-catching leather belt with its classic ‘A’ decked all along the length and Alexander McQueen offers a ‘pair for those who dare’ with its peep-toe heels, stamped by its signature skull motif (perfect for Halloween!)

There’s a pair of t-bar sandals from Repetto as also nice, shimmering pumps from Dune London. Pull on those smart Dior shades also in greeeeen (but of course) and knot a flowery Bulgari scarf just so. Or wrap a checked Saint Laurent muffler if that’s your style.

Now for a secret that’s not so secret. Green ‘Jade Rollers’ are the new anti-aging implement to have hit the headlines so get them if you can. Dating from thousands of years ago in China, it consists of a two inch long, spindle-shaped, green jade bead on a metal wire with a handle. It has to be rolled gently on your face to effortlessly iron out those tiresome wrinkles and reduce puffiness. How does it work? Jade stores infra red energy and remains cool at all times (like all of us should in fact). Rolling it results in lymphatic drainage and improves circulation.

Just make sure to roll it upwards and outwards to lift the qi or energy of your face and to leave you feeling and looking younger.

We told you green is the way to be.