Harry Winston—Project Z 

By Huiming_Shi Sunday, 07 June 2020 12:36 PM

Harry Winston—Project Z 

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Like its predecessors, Project Z14 reconciles creative contradictions, as refined details meet bold mechanics. The strategic staging of architectural elements to create a tridimensional timepiece is a Project Z signature. Transparent materials and varying finishes allow for an open-dial design that is defined and modern.

For fourteen years, the Project Z series has balanced consistency and innovation. At the forefront of this collection is Zalium, the ultra-light, corrosion-resistant alloy used to craft each case. Another series signature, the Project Z14 is limited to 300 units.

While key elements remain the same, the Project Z simultaneously brings unexpected newness each year. In Project Z14, a retrograde second with a 30-second range, new openwork structure and dominant gray color palette punctuated by shades of blue make their mark.

The strength of a case

The Project Z14 case is distinguished not only by its material, Zalium, but also by its shapes, lugs, crown and signature arches that recall the entrance to Harry Winston’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon.

This year, different from past years, the case features a chamfered bezel and arches to pay homage to the beveled finishes on the dial.

With a thickness of 10.7 mm, this case successfully reconciles technical watchmaking with exemplary ergonomics. The 42.2 mm diameter case is free from overhangs or excess and strikes the perfect balance between complexity and comfort.

On stage

The Project Z14 dial functions as a performance space, telling a tale about watchmaking with extraordinary visual support. Technical, artistic and structural principles work in harmony to create the unique identity of this timepiece, which features strong colors and finishes, as well as shapes, angles and depth.

Harry Winston blue is used for the hands and indexes located in the excentered counter at noon and for the seconds arch at 120 degrees, graduated from 0 to 30 seconds. Red is used for the seconds hand and gray dominates the remainder of the dial, as black accents emphasize the dynamic details and levels. Black appears in the grid of the excentered dial, which is revealed in a new light. The fresh design features horizontal and vertical segments that work together to create a linear picture.

The unique dial consists of stages, facets, bevels, slopes and angles. All of these elements come together in an openwork structure that floats above the movement, which is visible and features the signature radiant Cotes de Geneve finishes. With polishing, varnishing, recesses and an almost incalculable number of angles, the iconic quality of Project Z14 comes to life.

Movement architecture

Behind the dial beats the HW2202 caliber, a 4hz motor base, with 65 hours of power that draws its energy from an openwork white gold rotor. The rotor’s consistency is due to the flat silicon balance spring.

The spotlight shines on the complication, which allows the hours and minutes to be excentered, and features a retrograde second. After 30 seconds, the red seconds hand instantly returns, due to a system with a snail-shaped cam and return spring. The mechanics of this retrograde second are visible behind its counter. The color blue, a brand color, also appears on the rubber bracelet, which is structured like a textile bracelet.

A game of illusions

Project Z14 catches the eye, with trickery and amusement. The overlapping segments, arcs and colors have both a technical and an aesthetic mission. By relentlessly pushing the logic of excenteredness and levels even further, Harry Winston reaches new heights with Project Z14.