Harvey Nichols exclusively takes on YA GHALI by Bil Arabi collection

By admin Saturday, 07 July 2012 8:00 PM

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harvey nicholsHarvey Nichols exclusively takes on YA GHALI by Bil Arabi collection


Bil Arabi designer Nadine Kanso has embarked on a unique relationship of collage with jewellery; in parallel with her photography work and a natural progression in the evolution of her exquisite jewellery line. The new YA GHALI collection showcases luxury pieces made from white gold and gems, layered with yellow gold additions and semi-precious stones that are the hallmarks of her Bil Arabi line.


In this exclusive, limited edition collection for Dubai’s premier department store Harvey Nichols, Kanso has taken the classical and melded it with her unique creative insight to craft something that is at once timeless yet typically playful of her style. The Arabic phrase ‘Ya Ghali’ is colloquially used to reference that which is dearest to the heart and also expensive; the collection embodies a sense of lightheartedness that only the most discerning eye will detect.


The YA GHALI collection features rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that reference the themes Bil Arabi is recognised for – love, nature, butterflies and of course, the Arab identity. The Arabic calligraphy that represents the foundation of the Bil Arabi line, using both individual letters and words, connects with the classical pieces in a way that appears incongruous and yet produces something meaningful.