International artist Marina Fedorova showcased her AR and VR based Exhibit ‘Cosmodreams'

By Olga_Gafurova Sunday, 14 May 2023 11:45 PM

International artist Marina Fedorova showcased her AR and VR based Exhibit ‘Cosmodreams'

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International multi-medium artists, Marina Fedorova along with the Cosmodreams team came to Dubai to meet the media representatives during a unique lunch at L’Amo Bistrot del Mare – Dubai Harbour Yacht Club on May 10th.

A project COSMODREAMS reveals the different aspects of the universe to a broader audience. A multi-medium project in which paintings and sculptures were present, digital art was also support the contemporary showcase which aims to delve deep into the idea of outer space, giving patrons a chance to touch, feel and hear the creations.

An immersive and alluring experience, the extensively scaled project exhibits the artist's perception of the cosmos as well as the beauty and complexity of the universe. Whilst one may never travel to outer space, the COSMODREAMS project would like to give the audience the opportunity of an experiential journey on what it could be like. The role of technological processes over time is observed throughout the project and thus the impact they are having and will have on our planet.

‘Having the opportunity to showcase my COSMODREAMS experience at the 15th edition of Art Dubai and during the inaugural Art Dubai Digital is something that I very much look forward to. The borderline between real life and augmented reality will virtually disappear, allowing everyone to jump into a captivating new world and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to easily surf the vastness of space soon.’ Marina Fedorova.

Promising to bring everyone together under one sky, COSMODREAMS is designed to cater to all kinds of viewers, whether art enthusiasts or not, including millennials, baby boomers, and generation Z. The exhibition is best experienced through all of the available viewing mediums, which includes film presented in 8K ultra-high-definition, virtual reality and large-scale oil on canvas paintings as well as human-sized objects and sculptures. The exhibition will also boast a touchscreen which will allow the spectators to interact with the visuals on the screen and watch the stories unfold. Augmented reality will also bridge the border between real life and virtual space, which will take spectators on a journey through the extraordinary world conceived by Ms. Fedorova.

‘With a combination of artworks, artificial intelligence, online tools, and social media, the exhibition allows people to experience art in a novel way and I am proud to be able to show it to everyone.’ Marina Fedorova.