Interview with Italian Jewelry Designer Marco Bicego

By Olga_Gafurova Friday, 22 June 2018 2:07 AM

Interview with Italian Jewelry Designer Marco Bicego

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Marco Bicego’s creative intuition celebrates the imperfection of nature and gives it its shapes. Now it is a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings or bangle. The elegance of a simple gesture is expressed in each jewel. The Italian jewelry designer known for his handcrafted designs and collections of everyday luxury discusses his inspired talent in an exclusive interview with Aviamost Magazine.

We went through this journey of different jewelry collections and countries, what is behind this concept and what stopover is your favorite?

Actually, I am an Italian fine-jewelry company, and definitely I love travels and I get a lot of inspiration from a lot of places. Most of the time, I give the name to the collection in relation to the location I got this inspiration from. For example, this is the concept behind the Jaipur collection with the color stones from India. Also the Il Cairo collection is inspired by the pyramids in Egypt, and like I said, if we go back in history, the yellow is connected with the sand; it is connected with the Egyptians.

We notice that the “yellow” color is not shining like the sun in your collections. It is mostly matt. What is the reason behind that?

Indeed, we have special matt finishing; a special texture which we apply to be different and we brought back the engraving from the ancient Italian fine-jewelry traditions. However, we reinterpret it in a more modern way, more wearable, timeless, and everyday jewelry.

What is your favorite stopover or collection from those on display here?

In fact, my favorite one remains the Marrakech collection. It is the one of the first collections which were made. We have here a new evolution, the Marrakech Supreme; yet it is part of the same style with bigger skills, it is similar and different at the same time. This is why the challenge is also evolving, but because, as I told you, I love the timeless collections, I do not see necessarily that the new is better than the old. It is like a different style and every woman can appreciate in a different way, because it has a different touch.

And from these collections, which is the latest one?

The latest collection is actually Masai, it is related to Africa. It was the region where we got the inspirations from and we just made the setting of diamonds as irregular waves. This is why I do not like the setting to be perfect, I prefer that it looks natural, irregular and one of a kind. One can then recognize the differentiation of the brand. With every single piece, the consumer can see and recognize the Marco Bicego style.

Shall we expect to see a special Dubai collection soon amongst all these collections?

Yes, sure. Today we brought for a special event, with our special partner, Damas, the one of a kind Unico collection which we are launching exclusively with Damas, here today.

Since you mention Damas, tell us a bit more about this collaboration. How do you evaluate it after 10 years of partnership?

Actually we had a great partnership with Damas, from the beginning; we are always working together over the years. We had a great business in the past, and I can see a lot of opportunities which are coming and a new evolution of our collaboration. I hope that one day we can open together a Marco Bicego flagship store here in Dubai.

The last question is about the Russian and Chinese markets. How significant are these for you? And what do you think about these customers?

For Marco Bicego, the challenge is also to grow worldwide. We have plans to expand in Russia and also in the Far East. Chinese and Russians are really the perfect Marco Bicego customers; it is not easy because the market is tough, but there is where we have to invest a lot of our energy and focus over the next years.

Finally, in one sentence, what is your slogan? How do you summarize the Marco Bicego philosophy?

My philosophy is “Enjoy the Jewelry” because Marco Bicego is the everyday, versatile and timeless jewelry that you can wear and enjoy the most in different occasions.