The Iridium Spa

By egor Monday, 09 May 2016 5:35 PM

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As with the St. Regis brand, where we look to our heritage for inspiration to form our language and service of today, we use the word "Iridium" to find history and create meaning. Literally meaning "of rainbows," the word Iridium comes from the Greek mythological goddess Iris, who transcends the sea and sky as a messenger and manifests as a rainbow. Iridium is also one of the most precious and rarest metals on Earth. A transition metal of the platinum family, Iridium is the second densest element in the world and ten times less abundant than platinum.

Time dedicated to you: this is the core of Iridium Spa. It is about the individual moments that are tailored precisely to you – guiding you through a spectrum of moods – whether you wish to be energized, simply wind down or tailor your own experience. Our therapists are trained to deliver the very best personally crafted spa experience. Guided by your specific needs, each moment is thoughtfully dedicated to enhance your experience and your time spent at the Iridium Spa. Experience rare and refined moments with our full body treatments, each one designed and tailored to ensure you experience the best physical and emotional benefits centred on your needs.   

Authentically decorated in bamboo and jade, the Thai Suite features an in-room spa delivering a bespoke service in the privacy of your own Suite. With rich decorations of gold and bronze glass and metals the Moroccan suite embodies cultural influence from its Berber, Arabian and European inhabitants. A blend of white fur, leather and modern crystal, the Contemporary Spa Suite is a refreshing space to indulge in private treatments from certified therapists.

Soothe, nourish and hydrate sun exposed skin with this anti-oxidant rich full body treatment. This treatment begins with a cooling body exfoliator of Aloe Vera and peppermint, followed by a gentle body -envelopment using wild yam known to promote elasticity and firmness. To conclude this ritual, relax with a nourishing body massage using skin repairing oils such as Calendula and mineral rich Sweet Almond oil.