Jah Khalib will perform in Dubai at Coca-Cola Arena

By Olga_Gafurova Thursday, 03 August 2023 6:12 PM

Jah Khalib will perform in Dubai at Coca-Cola Arena

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The famous singer-songwriter, beat maker and music producer, Jah Khalib is set to perform at Dubai’s home of live entertainment, the iconic Coca-Cola Arena on 3 September 2023.

Jah Khalib is bringing his much-loved hits along with his extensive and impressive musical talent to Dubai. The record-breaking songs “Leila”, “Medina” and “Mamasita” are a triumphant success which have been streamed millions of times all around the world and have over 400 million views on YouTube. To top it all, his album “E.G.O” went multi-platinum, joining the three others that he released over the last 8 years.

Born to an Azerbaijani father and Kazakh mother, Jah Khalib takes pride in the fact that he belongs to both countries. A true master of mixing deep rap vocals and energetic beats with melodic love ballads and emotional lyrics, Jah Khalib infuses his music with Central Asian tunes that make his tracks stand out in today’s music scene.

The past few years have seen Jah Khalib win numerous international music awards including Forbes Kazakhstan, VK Music Awards among many others. His phenomenally successful career has brought him to sold-out concerts worldwide. Now the multi-award-winning artist will come to Dubai with his first big concert at Coca-Cola Arena.

Early bird tickets start from AED 155 and are available at coca-cola-arena.com.