Jewelled visions and Fairmined goals

By egor Tuesday, 23 May 2017 10:14 AM

Jewelled visions and Fairmined goals

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Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard must be one of the busiest jewellery designers ever. The Green Carpet collection launched in 2014 to create high jewellery pieces from Fairmined gold, features gemstones from the Responsible Jewellery Council certified sources. She spearheads the mission to drive her industry towards more sustainable and ethical practices in a year marked by milestones. Aviamost’s Marketing Director Fady Boustany met the highly talented lady at Baselworld 2017 to discover more about the Swiss luxury brand’s plans

It’s a busy year for the Swiss luxury brand Chopard. It celebrates its 20th year tie-up with the Cannes Film Festival and the highly popular Happy Diamonds collection marks its 40th anniversary. It also marks the 90th anniversary of the Mille Miglia race with its new Mille Miglia Classic XL 90th Anniversary Limited Edition watch. It has a new tie-up with singer Rihanna and its well known Ice Cube collection presented this year in smaller cubes, is fashioned in Fairmined certified gold and has a new face: French model Amyeline Valade. Its new L.U.C. Twist XPS watch too is crafted from Fairmined gold.

Chopard grabbed the headlines early this year by unveiling 23 cut and polished diamonds produced from the astonishing 342ct rough diamond, The Queen of Kalahari. And as expected, Caroline Scheufele was involved in every stage of buying and cutting the stone, from the mine to the workshop. She dreamed up stunning The Garden of Kalahari collection with a six-piece suite of jewels together with the master jewellers of the Maison. Here she tells us more…

It’s simply amazing to see how the Chinese in Dubai head straight to the Chopard store leaving out other stores. What’s the secret to your magic?

I think they love the quality. The Chinese before they buy a brand get informed and read up about the history. We are well represented in China, not over exposed like some brands. They love the Happy Diamonds, they love Happy Sport collection, and they love the playfulness of something moving around and we for both men and women we have the right thing for the Chinese.

You are celebrating the 20th anniversary at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Yes, we celebrate 20 years with Cannes and it is their 70th anniversary too. We started in their 50th year so we are 20 years with them.

What can we expect to see from Chopard this year at Cannes Film Festival?

You can expect a lot, but I’m superstitious so I won’t give away anything. But we do have great ambassadors coming on the second day.

Will there be any Chinese and Russian ambassadors?

Yes, yes! Both Russian and Chinese. Chinese I think Zhang Ze. But until they are there, we can’t be sure. I always try to have representatives from every part of the world. And in the Cannes Film Festival our Red Carpet corresponds to the year of the edition. So this year we have 70 plus pieces and it is a challenge. I started with the 60th anniversary with 60 pieces.

Tell us more about the new Queen of Kalahari collection.

 The design inspired me in the High Jewellery to do the same look with the lace setting and it is called the Precious Chopard collection.

Does Chopard have anything for the Russians after their comeback, after their stability? They also got Visa on Arrival in Dubai.

I think we are also in a very lucky position with Russia as we were the first brand to start in Russia after they opened and I remember the exhibition I went to which was very different from what I now see. And I’m happy to say we are one of the best in Russia. So of course, it’s good they come in Dubai. And I know Russians who come to Dubai

Any special collections this year for the Chinese?

We do according to the Chinese horoscope and so we had the Rooster this year.

For the ladies we have the Happy Diamond we did the 8 featuring a small Happy Diamond and the big Happy Diamond to make their lucky number 8.