Judith Ripka's silver collections now available exclusively @ Bloomingdale's-Dubai

By admin Wednesday, 14 January 2015 4:05 PM

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Just in time for the holidays, Bloomingdale’s-Dubai is pleased to introduce the latest from internationally renowned fine jewelry designer, Judith Ripka and her eponymous brand’s Silver Collection. Known throughout the world for impeccable quality and trend setting style, Judith Ripka’s collections are favored by women who appreciate exquisite designs and uncompromising quality.


With a dazzling range of sterling silver designs, Judith Ripka has introduced three new collections in the UAE exclusively at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai which include Bright Nite, Marrakesh and Rapture alongside her signature Estate collection. Among these stunning designs, there are pieces to suit every style, taste and occasion which include cuff bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings.


Born and raised in New York, designing jewellery was always part of Judith’s DNA; her earliest memories are of playing in her mother’s jewellery box and accessorizing her clothing by tying a heart charm to her belt, hanging a pin off a chain or transforming a necklace into a belt and weaving it through the belt-loops of her jeans. Today, Judith is an award-winning designer and the recipient of many accolades including “The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World” and the DeBeers Award for Outstanding Jewellery Design.


“When a woman is wearing my jewellery, I want her to feel as if she is wrapped in one of life’s greatest luxuries,” says Judith.


Bright Nite


The Bright Nite collection is based on a clean, modern silhouette, using pear-shaped stones as the core design.


For this collection, Judith took inspiration from her home town in New York where the multitude of styles, designs and cultures provide endless inspiration. “When I created this collection I envisioned the onyx clip-on on a long silver necklace, worn with faded jeans and shiny leather boots”, says Judith. “It’s exotic meets boho-chic meets uptown sophistication.”




The Marrakesh collection features the distinctive smooth cabochon doublet stones that the designer incorporates into several of her collections. With silky shades of green, blue and aqua, the palette clearly reflects Judith’s love of the sea.  “There is a certain tranquility captured in this collection”, says Judith.




Many of the designs in the Rapture collection capture the look of stacking which has long been a Judith Ripka signature.


Double-wrap, multi-stone rings create the illusion of wearing several pieces at once. Famous for layering, the designer herself is almost never seen without a stack of cuffs, bracelets or rings.  “This is actually a fun and carefree way to achieve a similar look,” she says.


Another unique new feature is the Ottoman texture. Combined with bead trim and Judith’s distinctive matte finish, the overall effect is clean and elegant.


The palette includes London blue spinel, green quartz, sky blue crystal and purple crystal.  “There is a depth and almost a mystical glow,” explains Judith. “After exploring new cuts and combinations, I’m thrilled to introduce this new stone into my designs.”




Judith’s Estate collection is a tribute to her love of all things vintage, “I’ve always admired the intricate detailing in my grandmother’s crystal and silver,” says Judith. “My Estate collection is reminiscent of the period, but with a decidedly modern approach.”


Design details such as delicate airline patterns, a matte finish, octagonal shapes and emerald cut stones contribute to the overall look and feel of the Estate collection.


Throughout her Silver Collection, Judith incorporates her distinctive matte finish, beaded textures and subtle white sapphire accents into the sterling silver setting.


Judith Ripka’s latest additions to her Silver Collection are now available exclusively in the Fine Jewelry and Watches Department, Bloomingdale’s-Dubai, The Dubai Mall.