The Leopard Lure

By admin Saturday, 06 December 2014 8:00 PM

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It is said that though a leopard can leap an astonishing seven feet, unfortunately, it would take much more than that to save the beautiful animal which is fast disappearing from our wildlife reserves around the world due to mankind’s greed.

But none the less, you can bring attention to its plight by adorning yourself with leopard-print attire and accessories which seem to be the all the rage this season. Be it a garment or a shoe, it has a definite lure we can say.

But make sure to go easy on them as just a hint should do the trick as in a jacket, on just the pocket, sunglasses or even leggings.

Just make sure to avoid visiting the zoo. A recent request to the public by a US zoo was to avoid wearing animal prints when visiting the zoo as the animals seemed to get confused (Hey! What’s that two-legged leopard doing walking among those humans? Shouldn’t she be here on our side?!!!)