LIVE FROM SIHH 2016 Roger Dubuis’ new Velvet models celebrate femininity and glamour!

By viji Thursday, 21 January 2016 11:06 AM

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Aviamost's Editor in Chief speaks to Jean-Sebastien Berland Regional Brand Director for the Middle East and India at SIHH 2016 on the launch of its glamorous new models in its iconic women’s collection Velvet and about its target market in Dubai.

This year you introduced in a very big way ladies watch collection with an iconic fashion designer Alexander McQueen why this year and why you have focussed on ladies watches this year?

Well we have paid tribute to elegant ladies of the world and RD has been always strong among ladies it’s a large part of our business and we wanted to put more emphasis on ladies segment as well believe there is strong opportunity in this segment and Velvet is the perfect watch that has been very well perceived among ladies and many opportunities because of its design to fully express Roger Dubuis's creativity in this design.

But I can see new Velvet models this year with a lot of diamonds and a lot of workmanship in it. Is it all limited editions?

We have a bit of both - we have limited and non-limited editions. But you are absolutely right about craftsmanship as it is a very imp part of the new collection with floral annual on the dial and carbon timepieces as a world premiere and which is very rare in the industry with stones set on the carbon dial premieres in the dial and Paraiba stones a bit of both limited and unlimited editions. And our partners have very well received the new Velvet collection.    

Will the partnership with Alexander McQueen continue?

There's absolutely no collaboration with McQueen. We are showcasing some pieces as a decoration but we cannot say that we are partnering with Alex McQueen 

What are your main target markets in Dubai?

In Dubai we have two target markets - we have the locals and the tourists which is very strong in Dubai. For other markets we focus on the domestic consumption.

We know the Russians are very big fans of your brand especially the Russian men how do you see that market and how much is the purchase power of that market in Dubai?

There is no secret that the Russian have been slightly less in Dubai. However, the continuity of the Russian market is very important for us as we consider them as our first market and with the introduction of the new Velvet collection we are also targeting the Russian ladies who like such complicated watches.