Marli's First GCC Flagship Store opens in The Dubai Mall

By Olga_Gafurova Thursday, 14 February 2019 3:33 PM

Marli's First GCC Flagship Store opens in The Dubai Mall

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Marli Jewellery just opened its first flagship store in Dubai at the Dubai Mall, the epicenter of luxury finest shopping in Dubai. The new store offers guests a full new retail experience with an exclusive design reflecting the brand’s commitment to offer women unique ways to express their individuality, within an intimate, personal and architectural atmosphere.

Created with the popular London based designer, Marli proposes a concept taking its queue from the women who live New York, with its dynamic vibes, making the city their stage.

To mark a sector saturated with clichés, this rich contemporary statement sets an innovative scene for MARLI pieces.

Guests enter a double height atrium and are greeted by an inset brass logo and book matched arabescato marble walls framed in brass.

Centered into the entrance is a framed arch in gold leaf mirror into which are set showcases presenting signature collections and iconic bespoke pieces.

Moving through the arch, guests enter the heart of the store where a transition from marble to bespoke carpet reinforces ones’ sensory arrival. Along the walls an alternating presentation of book matched marble and pleated drapes further accent a sense of awe.

Marli presents its collections through a series of freestanding glass and brass showcases, each accented by seating.

As New York is famous for its hidden wonders, the store has its own: the back of the store features a more intimate space for an unprecedented personalized private assistance.

The complexity and magnificence of the Marli jewelry is accented by the different lighting, from the large central chandelier of flames treated copper and brass, to wall lights in crystal and brass, to directional spots perfectly pointing out each detail.

MARLIxDubai setting the trend in contemporary unique jewels for the woman who effortlessly sets her own codes, the Marli woman.

About MARLI New York

Marli New York is the fine jewelry brand from New York City. Created by Maral Artinian and founded on the principles of timeless presence and individuality, MARLI New York has a minimal, magnetic aesthetic that draws inspiration from the world’s most dynamic city and the women who live it.

Hand-crafted in 18K gold with brilliant-cut diamonds and touches of vivid color from an array of exquisite gemstones, MARLI New York pieces stand apart for their fluid lines, perfect material vocabulary and flawless reflective qualities.

Architectural, contemporary and refined, Marli appeals to a new generation of woman who go beyond the obvious cues of status. Maral’s vision is to create bold, emotive pieces that assert an unmistakable presence yet are effortless to wear, day and night.

From the avenues of New York to the women of the world, MARLI enhances the unique allure of those who choose it.

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