Millennium Taiba Hotel hosts the annual Iftar of Ahyaha Cancer Care Association 2019

By Aliheydar_Rzayev Monday, 27 May 2019 1:34 PM

Millennium Taiba Hotel hosts the annual Iftar of Ahyaha Cancer Care Association 2019

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Embracing the true essence of Ramadan and core values of the Islamic teachings, Millennium Taiba Hotel, a five-star hotel next to Al Masjid Al Nabawi, draws smiles on the faces of the cancer patients and recovered people by hosting a charity Iftar in cooperation with Ahyaha Cancer Care Association Charity.

Aiming to lift the spirits and display a tangible supporting measure, the hotel hosts the annual charity Iftar of Ahyaha CCA on 22 May 2019 taking responsibility during the holy month of Ramadan and inspiring individuals and organizations to take part in supporting social solidarity.

With the supervision of Dr. Musleh bin Muhel Al Radadi, Deputy Chairman at Ahyaha CCA, and present of Mr. Basem Ghaith Al Juhni, CEO at Ahyaha CCA, Mr. Abdulla Al Mutari from the Directorate of Society Development, Mr. Talal Al Juhni, as a representative of the Director of Social Contribution at Ministry of Health, Athar Volunteering Team and senior management at Millennium Taiba Hotel, 40 cancer fighters with their families in addition to 10 cancer recovered heroes with their families were hosted at the Iftar. The program of the Iftar event included a recitation from the holy Quran, the ACCA’s word, Athar Volunteering Team’s word, an introduction video, the experience of a cancer recovered hero, children’s play, children’s band and shields’ awarding.

Mr. Ibrahim Sindi, Cluster Director of Sales & Marketing at Millennium Tiaba and Millennium Al Aqeeq said, “It is a great honor to contribute towards the local community in Al Madinah by hosting this inspiring event. We would like to thank all volunteers and specialists who are working hard, day and night, to ease the pain of young ones suffering from cancer. We also encourage all individuals and corporates to join Ahyaha Cancer Care Association in their hard efforts and contribute towards their community and future generations. And finally, we would like to take this opportunity during the holy month of Ramadan and ask Allah quick recovery to all patients whether they are suffering from cancer or any other diseases.”

The Ahyaha Cancer Care Association, formed by a group of volunteers to provide psychological and clinical support to those suffering from cancer, is dedicated to ensure that all necessary care is available and accessible to people with cancer and in particular children within Madinah region. Taking into consideration a research based study conducted by experts in this disease, the association established a hospital after only a year of its formation to provide necessary care to children with cancer with an annual capacity of 215 cancer fighters per year. It also pledges to continue its endeavors towards more development by attracting more volunteers and cancer experts to work in the hospital.