Millennium Taiba Hotel performs fire drill exercise

By Aliheydar_Rzayev Sunday, 19 May 2019 2:19 PM

Millennium Taiba Hotel performs fire drill exercise

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Millennium Taiba Hotel, a five star hotel located at the heart of Madinah next Al Masjid Al Nabawi, recently conducted a mock fire drill in association with the concerned authorities in Al Madinah to demonstrate the readiness of any emergency-response in the hotel.

In 16th of April, a successful experimental evacuation plan took place in Millennium Taiba Hotel under the Civil Defence of Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah supervision. As Matter of fact, the Civil Defence yearly select randomly hotels to ensure safety and raise awareness of the hotel staff. Indeed, it shows their concern to ensure security and safety for the visitors of Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah

The evacuation and fire drill exercise was held to ensure preparedness of the hotel’s emergency teams and ensure the hotel’s staff is well-trained and capable of handling emergencies. During the drill safety and security teams directed guests and employees to the nearest emergency exits to the assembly point and made sure that all safety and security related equipment are in excellent condition.

Mr Anas Al Maimani – Executive Assistant Manager, said, “The safety of our guests and employees is our top priority. We are serving visitors to one of the most important sites to Muslims around the globe and that adds to our responsibility to make sure that no unpredicted accidents may occur without excellent preparations and proper handling processes. We believe in deploying preventive measures and in being well-trained to respond in case of an emergency. We also would like to extend our thanks to the concerned authorities including Civil Defense Department of Al Madinah Province for their continuous support and hard efforts.”

Uniquely positioned on the first line of the holy Haram, Millennium Taiba Hotel Madinah has stunning views of the city. It is the nearest Madinah hotel to Al Rawdah Al Sharefah, conveniently close to 4 historic mosques, and just 250m from the Prophet's mosque.