Mouawad: More than a century of excellence

By Olga_Gafurova Tuesday, 02 April 2024 4:38 PM

Mouawad: More than a century of excellence

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Mouawad is a renowned luxury jewelry brand recognized for its timeless elegance, exceptional craftsmanship, and rich heritage. With a legacy spanning over a century, Mouawad has epitomized excellence in jewelry, crafting the extraordinary with artistic mastery and trusted expertise. From its exquisite diamond creations to its iconic world records, Mouawad continues to captivate discerning individuals worldwide, embodying the pinnacle of luxury and artistry. Guided by the endeavors and visions of five generations, Mouawad’s heritage spans more than a century of creations and traditions in masterful jewelry design and watchmaking. Since its inception in Lebanon in 1890, Mouawad has continued to grow and expand over the years to offer true luxury and refinement to a discerning global clientele.   

Steeped in rich traditions with a family history of masterful jewelry design and Swiss watchmaking excellence, the Mouawad brand is synonymous with luxury and refinement. The family business today is led by fourth generation Co-Guardians and brothers Fred, Alain, and Pascal Mouawad, joined by fifth generation Co-Guardians Jimmy and Anastasia Mouawad, who each perpetuate a heritage of excellence and bring a lifetime of passion to their respective roles.

Mouawad’s name has been synonymous with crafting unique and timeless pieces. Each creation begins with the hand selection of the most exquisite, rare diamonds and colored gemstones. From here, the artistic journey begins, as masterful design gives way to intricate craftsmanship, culminating in a unique artistic statement that could only be attributed to the House of Mouawad. Over the years, one of a kind pieces such as the ‘Dragon’, ‘Oceana’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Love in Mist’, ‘Imperial Desire’, ‘The Eye of Muzo’ and ‘Majestic’ have taken center stage and captivated our clientele with their utmost beauty, craftsmanship, refinement, and the story each piece holds. The latest exclusive novelties include unique pieces inspired by the wonders of the world, “Sun on the Seven Wonders”.

Other staple collections include the ‘Flower of Eternity’ and ‘Love M’ collection. ‘The Flower of Eternity’ collection represents, the past, the present and the future denoting a promise of eternity. The Flower emblem reveals its composition of heart shapes.

The heart, chosen as a universally recognized emblem of love and passion. The ‘Love M’ collection is inspired by the M-heart motif that streams through Mouawad’s designs, Love M empowers the spirit of love and reveals a sublime homage to the heart through this beautiful, finely-crafted and delightfully chic collection. A rhapsody to the power of love, an ode to the heart, an eternal symbol that dances beyond time itself.

The Mouawad diamond collection, one of the finest in the world and encompasses some of the largest and rarest diamonds known to man. Including legendary, historic gems, many of which carry Mouawad as part of their designated name. The family’s never-ceasing commitment to excellence and vast contribution to the industry are immortalized in the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) bestowed upon third-generation Robert Mouawad and the naming of the GIA campus in his honor. Today, as a Diamond Trading Company (DTC) Sightholder, Mouawad’s pursuit of the finest gems in existence is facilitated with direct and unique access to conflict-free rough diamonds and gemstones, sourced and purchased in countries that are full participants in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

The company’s commitment to ‘crafting the extraordinary’ has been rewarded with an unprecedented five Guinness World Records, the most recent of which has been awarded for the ‘Mouawad Flower of Eternity Jewlery Coffer’ — the most valuable jewelry box in the world (US $3.5M). In January 2013, the Mouawad ‘L’Incom-parable Diamond Necklace’ was awarded the Guinness World Record for most valuable necklace in the world (US $55 million). With a value of US $3.8 million, The Mouawad ‘1001 Nights Diamond Purse’ was named as the most valuable handbag in the world by the Guinness World Records in 2011 till date. ‘The Very Sexy Fantasy Bra’ (US $11 million), was first unveiled in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show by model Heidi Klum in October 2003 in New York. The bra was certified by the Guinness World Records in 2003 as the most expensive bra ever made. Mouawad’s first Guinness award went to the Mouawad ‘Splendor’ — the most expensive single pear-shaped diamond in the world (weighing 101.84 carat, D-Internally Flawless, and worth US $12.76 million). Purchased by Robert Mouawad. The diamond was awarded the Guinness World Record in 1990.

With every generation, the Mouawad legacy is propelled to captivate a wider audience and to tap into new markets. With several boutiques across the GCC, the fourth and fifth generation embarked on a new era of global expansion which was marked in September 2022, with the brand celebrating the opening of a boutique in Hong Kong at the Peninsula Hotel. As the company’s first in China, this was a milestone moment and a firm signal of the company’s commitment to its growing clientele in Asia. Asia is not the only market eyed by Mouawad in this new phase of expansion. In 2023, Mouawad’s commitment to Europe was renewed and strengthened with the opening of a new boutique in London, the company’s first in the United Kingdom. The brand’s global footprint is poised to reach new heights, and is celebrated in the new boutique designs that reflect the pioneering, glamorous and majestic qualities of a brand renowned for crafting the extraordinary